Client Project Tracking for Productivity

productivitySome will argue that tracking the time on jobs and projects is not the road to productivity, that the very act of tracking time uses up precious time, that it’s a form of micromanagement, or that it’s simply not useful information. But I think that if it’s done right, keeping track of what we do and how much time we spend on it can be motivating and provide some much needed direction. Continue reading

Under the Scanner – Feature Release August 2016

asset tracking softwareAugust has kept us very busy here at EZOfficeInventory. This month, we’ve rolled out some productivity-boosting features and other significant enhancements to our asset tracking software. You can benefit from our smooth cart workflows, seamless integrations, and a revamped mobile app that lets you do so much more on the go. We’ve also made auditing and maintenance management a lot more convenient, so you can prioritize and focus on what’s important to you. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release. Continue reading

Understanding Default and Stock Locations

EZOfficeInventory enables you to assign items to specific locations. It offers unlimited location nesting, meaning you can track items from a country to a state, city, street, warehouse, all the way down to a single shelf.

Asset Stock and Inventory may be assigned two location types; Default Locations and Stock Locations. These two item types are tracked in bulk, which is why it is possible for items within the same inventory or asset stock category to be spread out across different locations.

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Unexpected Downtime

At approximately 3:00 pm EST today, it was identified that the EZOfficeInventory application was not responding and had become temporarily unavailable. We’re sorry that you were not able to access your accounts temporarily. The service was brought back up at 6:25 pm EST.

CAUSE: We’re hosted on the AWS cloud and the EBS block’s throughput to our server went down drastically. This caused a pile up effect on our app servers which initially led us to believe that we had an issue in our app server. We took down the service as a precaution (for security and data integrity) until we could figure out the root cause. Once the issue was identified, we restored the service.

Unexpected downtime events are extremely rare and closely monitored by our Cloud Services Team. As we do a post-mortem on this, we’ll work towards further improving our service up time.

We thank you for your patience and support.

EZOfficeInventory Team

Customizing Email Templates

Customizing Email Templates

Would you like all EZOfficeInventory alerts and emails to include more detail about your company? Maybe you’d like your internal communications to have more of a personal flair, or want to direct employees to the next steps related to a particular event. To this end, you can create custom email templates to tweak your email-based communication with your staff. These templates can be used for actions that generate emails.

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Smartphone Based Scanners for Inventory and Asset Management

How Equipment Maintenance Software Helps You Make Huge Cost Savings

Equipment Maintenance SoftwareYour services and maintenance crew might be spending a lot of money replacing faulty gears or figuring out why a particular compressor keeps breaking down. Maybe your services schedule consists of a drab Excel sheet, or just a vague maintenance plan in the back of your head. If that’s how you’ve always done things, there’s a better way! Businesses that don’t make equipment maintenance management part of their regular workflows can really suffer in the long-run, particularly from a financial perspective. This is why equipment maintenance software can be a great resource for asset-intensive businesses.

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How to configure SPF records to work with EZOfficeInventory

spf records

In EZOfficeInventory, system generated emails are sent by to the users. For example, by default the emails regarding an equipment return date, or a reservation starting date are sent from the EZOfficeInventory domain. You can choose to send these emails from an email address that belongs to you or your company. You can enable this feature from Settings → Add Ons → System Generated Emails. Continue reading

Tool Management Software: Helping your Business Grow

tool management software

Tool Management Software can help businesses lower costs and increase ROI.

They say a workman is only as good as his tools, but what if the tools are faulty, misplaced or generally unproductive? Whether you’re a tool crib manager or a general contractor, keeping track of your company’s tools, equipment and materials can be dreary work. Not only can there be an overwhelmingly large number of tools to account for, but the maintenance schedules and procurement cycles can be hard to organize. A lot of information – such as the condition of the asset, the expected productivity, or the amount of depreciation it has undergone – needs to be noted, recorded and arranged meaningfully to make the operational processes as quick and painless as possible.

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NY CheeseCake – Feature Release May 2016 – Asset Tracking Software

feature releaseThis month, we’re celebrating new integrations, support for signatures on actions, and a powerful way to track equipment usage across projects. As always, our goal is to make our Asset Tracking Software the perfect fit for your organization. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release – the ‘NY Cheesecake’. Continue reading