EZOfficeInventory’s Work Order Management Software

EZOfficeInventory’s Work Order Management Software helps you manage work orders efficiently, enabling you to take control of maintenance work and make constant improvements through better insights.

You can use this feature to create work orders, add associated components, and then assign these orders to members to track and optimize performance.

Why subscribe to Asset Tracking Software for Small Business?

asset tracking software for small businessJust because you are not running a $60 million company doesn’t qualify you as the business that doesn’t have many assets to track, protect, and value. The illusion is that asset management is for large corporations only. The question is what smaller businesses do? Note them down on some organizer? There are cloud computing companies that offer asset tracking software for small business, not just the enterprise firms.

As per a survey conducted by Statista, the forecasted size of the SMB cloud service market in the United States was expected to reach $25.2 billion in 2015. Efficient asset tracking software for SMBs help them make regular, everyday business operations faster and more organized. Small business inventory management solutions can enable companies to boost productivity and effectiveness of workplace without spending a fortune on software implementation and training sessions. Continue reading

The future of Project Management is here, and it’s on your phone

Asset Management

Mobile apps have changed the game for project, asset, and time management. The smartphones we carry are more powerful than all the computers used in the moon missions of the 1970s. Impressive computational power aside, the real party trick of the smartphone is its ability to instantly connect data with the internet.  The same technology we use to share cat pictures with our friends also allows us to track resources in real-time from anywhere. Continue reading

A Beginners Guide to IT Asset Tracking

IT Asset trackingWhy implement an IT Asset Tracking Solution?

If you have been running your business for some time now, chances are you have probably found yourself at a loss when it comes to your IT equipment. Businesses often lack the necessary insights into their IT equipment usage and maintenance and hence base important decisions like procurement, budget allocation and asset retirement on guesswork and run-time needs. Consequently, these businesses end up either over- or under-spending on their IT equipment and frequently lose track of their valuable assets. They also run the risks of incorrect audit reports that expose them to huge fines. This is why you need an effective IT asset tracking strategy that can help track valuable KPIs and keep tabs on IT equipment. This guide will detail the basic steps that need to be taken when implementing an IT asset management solution.   Continue reading

Types of Alerts and Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking softwareWith our asset tracking software, manage alerts by subscribing to events or actions that generate emails, or switch to a daily digest of alerts to ensure that all information reaches interested parties.

1) Alerts and Members
2) Custom Notifications and Newsletters
3) Types of Alerts
Alerts for Check-in/out
Alerts for Reservations
Alerts for Services and Preventive Maintenance
Alerts for Items
Alerts for Purchase Orders
4) Group and Location based Notifications
5) Time for Alerts
6) Send Email Alerts using your Company URL


All confirmed members receive emails based on their selected actions of interest, for example, checkout, check-in, etc. Staff members receive emails they’ve subscribed to only when they’re involved in the action, while administrators receive emails for all actions across the company. Continue reading

Inventory Control Software – A Necessity for K-12s

Inventory control softwareWhy K-12s Today Need Inventory Control Software 

With 76.6 million children projected to be in school in 2017, the education sector must develop better infrastructure and management to ensure that standards of education are met. Among the many challenges facing the education sector, a lack of resources is a major cause of concern. In fact, according to the International Study Centre at Boston College around 63% of students are affected by resource shortages in science alone. At the same time schools have reported equipment losses of more than 48.4 million. Given these statistics it is imperative that educational institutions adopt better strategies to manage their assets and inventory and reduce losses. Automating the asset and inventory management systems of schools can save costs and prevent resource shortages from interfering in the classroom. This article highlights key areas where an efficient inventory control software can help schools manage their inventory, reduce interruptions to student learning and provide better learning environments. Continue reading

5 more reasons to use asset tracking software online

Asset Tracking Software Online

Why should you use asset tracking software online?

Using asset tracking software online offers a completely different experience to using a solution that needs to be installed and accessed in-house. On-premise solutions can be a hassle. They offer limited support channels, have steep setup costs, and constrain your ability to use the program outside of work. We discussed these benefits earlier (Read: Cloud-Based Equipment Tracking Software vs On-Premise Tools). Now, let’s discuss 5 more reasons to move asset management online! Continue reading

5 Ways CMMS helps you reduce maintenance costs

cmmsFrom managing maintenance and service requests at a medium-sized 50 unit apartment building to keeping track of ongoing equipment maintenance at a large construction site, an equipment maintenance software, commonly known as a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) can be a very helpful tool.

When choosing an equipment maintenance software, businesses look for preventive maintenance, seamless equipment management, solid asset assignments, insightful maintenance reports, and above all foolproof ways to reduce maintenance costs. Continue reading

EZOfficeInventory Case Studies: KAYAK – Equipment Management Software

Equipment management software

EZOfficeInventory is the leading equipment management software. It is a key tool enabling KAYAK to streamline its workflows and create a viable managerial ecosystem.

We helped KAYAK manage employee needs and bring down administrative overheads. This was done by enabling them to cater to all incoming equipment without allocating additional resources. In addition to this, EZOfficeInventory’s dynamic ‘on the cloud’ records reinforced accuracy of asset management data and made updates instantaneous. This immediacy of information improved efficiency and helped employees avoid administrative hurdles. The ability to use QR Codes to track equipment was especially useful, as items could now be scanned in quick succession to bring up all relevant details.

Continue reading

Taxes Made Easy With Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed Asset Management SoftwareFixed Asset Management Software and Taxes

With the date to file annual taxes approaching, companies are in the typical rush to gather documents and necessary information. Preparing your balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows requires extensive information from multiple employees spread across different departments and offices. Adequately and accurately handling tax returns is crucial to preventing overpayment or underpayment of taxes; the former affecting the company’s power to reinvest and grow as a business and the latter potentially exposing the company to tax fraud. Fixed asset management software plays a significant role in getting your taxes in order. The software will help you conduct asset audits, calculate depreciation, and track asset value, maintenance and procurement costs. Here is how fixed asset management software can make one of the most grueling tasks of the tax season a breeze. Continue reading