Why use an Asset Tracking Software for Disaster Management

asset tracking softwareWhile disasters may be an inevitable fact of life, the extent of the devastation caused by them can be greatly reduced by effective disaster management. Disaster management is defined as the organization and management of resources and responsibilities that involve all humanitarian aspects of emergencies and crisis. This includes preparedness, response and recovery that help in reducing the impact of disasters and this requires the contributions of many different areas — ranging from training and logistics, to health care, recovery, livelihood to institutional development. What best way to manage and track all the resources and staff members (paid and volunteers) than to simply let an asset tracking software do the job efficiently at much less time. Continue reading

How equipment inventory software eases the way for the Public Safety industry

equipment inventory software and public safety

Why use equipment inventory software?

Equipment inventory software can be a great boon for the public safety sector. This industry is fairly expansive, estimated to grow to around $456.56 billion by 2021. A huge chunk of this is distributed across North America, with our public safety institutions being among the most robust in the world. The sector is typified by its need for precision and efficiency; any stumbling blocks along the way can mean the difference between life and death. This is why equipment breakdowns or unavailability can be a significant risk for the authorities, and might even open them up to serious litigation. What’s needed is an intuitive and effective way to manage inventory so that public safety officials can carry out their jobs without having to worry about administrative hassles.

A commonality across these organizations is that they strive to work for the public interest, contain many hundreds if not thousands of employees, and have limited (often government-funded) budgets with little or no wiggle room. With these similarities in mind, here are some ways equipment inventory software can open up bottlenecks faced by public safety institutions. Continue reading

When should your SMB start using Asset Tracking Software?

asset tracking software

Why use asset tracking software?

Ensuring efficiency and boosting productivity is critical to running a successful business. Assets are an important part of day-to-day business operations, and shortages of office supplies can cause unnecessary delays. Most businesses keep track of assets by maintaining records on spreadsheets or the more traditional paper registers. Knowing when productivity is being hampered by these methods is key to growing your business.

A good asset tracking software should empower you with better organization of assets, streamlined processes and extensive records of crucial asset information. When deciding if it’s the right time to invest in asset tracking software, ask yourself: Continue reading

How to pick the right asset tracking software for your K12

Asset tracking software

Asset tracking software, K12s, and the revolution in education

The educational landscape in North America has changed drastically over the last decade. With a multitude of new disciplines being taught in schools and universities, the importance of emerging technologies in framing educational programs, and the increased focus on extra-curriculars, education has turned into a complex network of courses and activities. In 2015, around 50.1 million American students were enrolled in a K12. This is one of the reasons the cost of providing education is on the rise every year. One of the factors inflating these costs is the increasing educational and recreational assets K12s have to account for. Continue reading

Enhance IT Department workflows with Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking software

How can Asset Tracking Software help your IT Department?

The IT department is often the true hero of business operations, carrying out a whole host of functions that stay hidden the better they’re done. The IT crew is responsible for streamlining workflows and ensuring everything runs as it should. Not just this, but they implement and define the boundaries within which all technical work takes place, and enable all networks and IT systems to operate as efficiently as possible. It is their experience in marrying business workflows to their technical expertise that is often a huge boost for small businesses, especially in terms of worker and asset productivity.

Here are some ways asset tracking software can help your IT department achieve its goals a lot more efficiently and quickly than if they were relying on traditional spreadsheets or other manual methods of IT equipment management. Continue reading

Why your asset tracking software needs an on-the-go app!

asset management app

Asset tracking software isn’t just for keeping records. Logging details as dynamically as possible has increasingly become a necessity, especially owing to how complicated some industry workflows, vendor communications, and maintenance schedules have become.

On-premise versions cost a lot in terms of deployment and other hidden infrastructural costs, with on-the-cloud solutions being generally preferred across industries. This is not only because they save you money, but also owing to the increased data security and flexibility they offer. A great off-shoot of cloud-based equipment management software is the ability to use apps allowing instant updates from the field. The fluidity this offers to any company’s operations can be really invaluable. Below, we discuss 6 ways asset management apps have revolutionized equipment tracking across industries. Continue reading

Asset Tracking Software for the AV Industry: 5 Must-Have Features

asset tracking software

Asset tracking software can be a great investment for asset-intensives industries. Some of these operations are more obvious, such as managing construction equipment or medical inventories. One industry that’s often overlooked in this regard is the AV industry.

The industry is projected to be worth $114 billion dollars at the end of 2016. Other than the sheer scale of businesses involved in AV, another complexity that arises is that it’s quite diverse; corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and of course media houses all have an active stake in it. This is why asset tracking software has to be incredibly flexible in order to help AV professionals manage their equipment, cut losses, and improve accountability. Continue reading

Under the Scanner – Feature Release November 2016

asset tracking softwareStraddling the line between fall and winter, everyone was in the Halloween spirit this week with hordes of mutants and monsters lining the streets. In this time of celebration, EZOfficeInventory treated its users by going live with its revamped Mobile App for Android and iOS. We also rolled out some productivity-boosting features and other significant enhancements to our asset tracking software. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release. Continue reading

Managing Purchase Orders with EZOfficeInventory

Procurement and Vendor Management

How will Purchase Orders help my business?

You can use EZOfficeInventory to create and keep track of Purchase Orders, helping you easily define the types, quantities, and agreed prices for items you need. The Procurement Module ensures that orders are processed quickly by creating linkages between items and vendors. You can now have greater control over your dealings with suppliers, print invoices to send on to vendors or keep for yourself, and watch items be updated as soon as they’re read as received on the system, without the need for any action on your side! Continue reading

Get the top-rated EZOfficeInventory plugin for Zendesk!

Asset Tracking Software for Zendesk

We’re the leading asset tracking software for good reason! EZOfficeInventory’s plugin for Zendesk has been featured as a top-rated app on the Zendesk app marketplace.

Zendesk is a web-based customer service and support ticket software that’s helping thousands of businesses streamline their processes and eliminate redundancies: Continue reading