Taxes Made Easy With Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed Asset Management SoftwareFixed Asset Management Software and Taxes

With the date to file annual taxes approaching, companies are in the typical rush to gather documents and necessary information. Preparing your balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows requires extensive information from multiple employees spread across different departments and offices. Adequately and accurately handling tax returns is crucial to preventing overpayment or underpayment of taxes; the former affecting the company’s power to reinvest and grow as a business and the latter potentially exposing the company to tax fraud. Fixed asset management software plays a significant role in getting your taxes in order. The software will help you conduct asset audits, calculate depreciation, and track asset value, maintenance and procurement costs. Here is how fixed asset management software can make one of the most grueling tasks of the tax season a breeze. Continue reading

Types of Members in EZOfficeInventory

asset tracking softwareOur asset tracking software allows you to assign different roles and set visibility and access permissions for different types of members. There is a maximum of four types of members in EZOfficeInventory: account owner, administrator, supervisor and staff user. Account Owners and administrators can change the roles of members.To do this, go to Members > Click Member’s Name > Edit ‘Role’ field.

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Importing Items into EZOfficeInventory – Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software

Asset tracking software needs to be able to process thousands of business assets quickly and efficiently. Importing items into EZOfficeInventory is extremely straightforward with our nifty import wizard. You can instantly add or update all items – including assets, asset stock, and inventory – by setting up a CSV file and mapping the columns onto existing ones. This guide will take you through the basics of item imports, and provide you with some helpful tips to ensure seamless imports each time! Continue reading

Reduce Asset Losses With Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking softwareWhy use asset tracking software?

If you are losing track of assets, inventory is running unexpectedly low and valuable equipment has gone MIA, then your asset management strategy has gone horribly wrong. Many businesses may choose to ignore their asset losses and charter forward without any organized way to address these potentially disastrous losses. It’s not just the vanishing items that businesses need to be worried about; what’s equally important is the misuse of a company’s assets. Rather than turning a blind eye to this potentially serious problem companies can adopt the right technology to minimize their losses. One of the best solutions out there is an efficient asset tracking software that affords businesses greater visibility and control over their assets and losses. Here is how the software helps you soften the blow caused by asset losses. Continue reading

Dashboard Calendar in EZOfficeInventory – Complete Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking softwareYou can use the Dashboard Calendar to keep track of all ongoing events, asset assignments, and upcoming reservations, and have a bird’s eye view of asset tracking and operational workflows.


The top of the dashboard displays the count of the following sections of asset management in EZOfficeInventory, explained in subsequent sections:  

- Assets which are overdue
- Assets which are due on the current date
- Reservations which start on the current date (relating to all items – Asset, Asset Stock, and Inventory) Continue reading

Item Reports in EZOfficeInventory – Equipment Tracking Software

asset tracking software item reports

EZOfficeInventory’s equipment tracking software enhances your business decisions by helping you make sense of complex asset management data. Using our in-depth reports and analytics, you can understand reservation trends, maintenance needs and checkout volume. Our asset tracking software also helps you carry out audits with the click of a button, and to tweak and filter report data to get exactly the information you need.

Item reports in EZOfficeInventory can help you optimize equipment performance by detailing information about item utilization, events, and quantities. Let’s take a look at the kind of item reports you can create, and how they’ll help you add value to your business.


equipment tracking software EZOfficeInventory

Available Assets:
List all available assets. This list can be filtered by group, vendor, date of creation and stock location.
Example: ‘Detail the number of assets available from the group ‘Digital Equipment’ and the subgroup ‘Hand-Held Devices’.

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Asset Tracking Software: Utilizing Data for Success

asset tracking softwareReporting Features in Asset Tracking Software to Improve Operations

The influx of data received by SMBs every day is overwhelming. Sifting valuable information from this sea of data is both time-consuming and inefficient. In fact collecting and managing vast amounts of data is the second biggest challenge faced by businesses – the biggest being maintaining the integrity of that data. Therefore, it is not surprising that the annual revenue of the global big data market is rapidly increasing. Cloud computing has become one of the most popular ways of storing and analyzing data. Cloud-based asset tracking software seamlessly records all data on your assets and provides it to you in the form of instant reports including asset utilization, maintenance costs, inventory levels and vendor reports. Getting these reports helps SMBs identify key areas that need improvement and overcome roadblocks for better performance and ROIs. Continue reading

How asset tracking software can eliminate 6 common SMB problems

Asset tracking software for SMBs

Asset tracking software and SMBs

Small businesses are the backbone of the global economy. In the United States, over half the working population – around 120 million people – are employed by small businesses. Not just this, but they’ve generated around 65% of all new jobs since 1995! This means that helping SMBs be more productive can be one of the best things that can be done to boost confidence in the business sector. Because of their size, middling margins, and competitive nature, though, small businesses can face problems that are completely unique to them. Technology has a huge part to play in helping alleviate or even eliminate these problems. Below, we’ll look at 6 of the most common problems faced by SMBs, and how businesses can tackle them head on using asset tracking software. Continue reading

What makes an asset tracking software easy to use?

asset tracking system

Asset tracking software and quick adoption

Why should you be concerned about the learning curve of asset tracking software? Last year, companies spent around $333 billion on business software. One only has to think of the number of software products a company uses on average to wonder about the costs associated with this kind of use. A significant cost associated with software use is that of onboarding. A company hiring just a hundred new employees can face up to $40,000 dollars a year for onboarding alone, not including any recruitment or training costs! This can be extremely discouraging for businesses. Not only do they have to make sure new employees have all the tools necessary to get the job done, but they also have the added pressure of ensuring that the employees know exactly how to use those tools! Continue reading

Under the Scanner: Feature Release February 2017 – Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking softwareAs far as New Year’s Resolutions go, EZOfficeInventory kept up its end of the deal in grand fashion! We can’t wait to show off the enhancements that have been made for you – all based on your feedback. Our asset tracking software now includes streamlined procurement workflows, a long-awaited Salesforce integration, and a robust Computerized Maintenance Management System. How’s that for a New Year treat?! 

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