Asset Tracking Software: 5 Tips for Better Asset Management

asset tracking softwareWhy is asset tracking software important?

An organized workplace is definitely more effective and productive than an unorganized one. However, many managers shy away from discussing their asset management strategies. In most cases, organizations have no clue about the number of assets that go missing every day or the financial losses that they incur due to mismanagement of assets. However, keeping track of each asset can be a daunting and time-consuming task. In fact in cases where the asset count is in the hundreds and thousands, it is impossible to manually track them all. Fortunately, asset tracking software is designed to automate asset management providing managers with a bird’s eye view on the status and needs of all their assets.

This blog details the top 5 tips for better asset management. Continue reading

Asset tracking Software and Business Trends, 2017

asset tracking softwareAsset tracking software to stay competitive

Another year has gone by! As we say our goodbyes to 2016 and welcome the new year, we stop to investigate the latest trends of 2017 that we could all benefit from moving forward.

The start of a new year always opens us up to anxiety about the future. We’re all a little scared and excited by our year end performance reviews; will we get that raise and bonus we were waiting for or are we in some trouble? For businesses as a whole, the yearly review holds a whole different meaning; are we reaching our growth targets or is our business waning? In today’s competitive day and age it’s important for businesses to stay ahead of their industry trends. Continue reading

Equipment Management Software: Achieving Goals for the New Year

equipment management softwareHow does equipment management software make a difference?

The new year is a time for both reflection and new beginnings: what did we do right this past year and what did we miss out on? Most importantly, were we happy and did we accomplish the goals that we set for ourselves? Our personal and professional goals are not always that different, what with the ultimate objectives of success and happiness. Therefore, when businesses set financial and productivity goals for the new year they should also consider planning for a happier work environment. The importance of keeping our employees happy is further illustrated by Dee Hock, the founder and CEO of VISA Inc.:

“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.”

In a happy work environment, employees look forward to working and are subsequently more engaged, motivated and productive. Having an organized management process in place helps in creating such a stress-free and constructive work environment. Here is how an equipment management software allows professionals to smooth out their workflows and make equipment management easier in order to achieve a more favorable work environment. Continue reading

Revolution in the North Pole: Elves Demand Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking softwareWhy the Elves are Revolting in Favor of Asset Tracking Software

The holiday season is an exciting time of the year, packed with presents and merry get-togethers. However, things are not so merry at the North Pole where the Elves are overworked and stressed out. Turns out, the old method of using spreadsheets to track assets and equipment just isn’t working anymore. Equipment malfunctions, missing tools and asset scheduling clashes have drastically affected both the quality and quantity of production. The Elves are now looking towards asset tracking software to decrease costs and production delays and increase productivity. Here are some reasons why the Elves believe that the software will be the best productivity tool for them. Continue reading

CMMS: Advanced Services and Maintenance

cmmsA CMMS compliant equipment management software helps industries plan and schedule equipment maintenance to enhance general plant effectiveness and reduce downtime. 

This blog explains how to use the Advanced Services and Maintenance feature in EZOfficeInventory using features like Recurring Services and Service Triage. You can use these features to add value to the basic Services and Maintenance workflow. To learn more about that, click here.

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How CMMS Helps Construction Enterprises Increase Profits

cmms Why use CMMS?

‘Should have checked that before,’ is a phrase that is commonly used in situations where we have to swallow the bitter pill of things not going as planned. Oversights don’t always lead to disasters in the traditional sense, but they can be lethal for SMEs. Construction delays, equipment downtimes, employee overtime, and substandard work are only a few of the dangerous outcomes of equipment oversight. Such outcomes are what escalate costs and damage reputations. Fortunately for construction companies, computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) is there to save the day. The software enables companies to plan equipment maintenance well in advance and avoid unexpected equipment breakdowns and related obstacles. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Asset Tracking Software is Better Than Spreadsheets

asset tracking softwareWhy use Asset Tracking Software?

Many SMBs are using spreadsheets to catalog their assets and equipment, and analyze data to employ better management strategies. Some of these SMBs are under the impression that spreadsheets have optimised their workflow. However, the time consuming and unreliable nature of spreadsheets make them a costly way of tracking assets. On the other hand, asset tracking software offers a safer and more efficient way for asset management and tracking. Here are some reasons why asset tracking software is a more effective way for asset and inventory management. Continue reading

Why use an Asset Tracking Software for Disaster Management

asset tracking softwareWhile disasters may be an inevitable fact of life, the extent of the devastation caused by them can be greatly reduced by effective disaster management. Disaster management is defined as the organization and management of resources and responsibilities that involve all humanitarian aspects of emergencies and crisis. This includes preparedness, response and recovery that help in reducing the impact of disasters and this requires the contributions of many different areas — ranging from training and logistics, to health care, recovery, livelihood to institutional development. What best way to manage and track all the resources and staff members (paid and volunteers) than to simply let an asset tracking software do the job efficiently at much less time. Continue reading

How equipment inventory software eases the way for the Public Safety industry

equipment inventory software and public safety

Why use equipment inventory software?

Equipment inventory software can be a great boon for the public safety sector. This industry is fairly expansive, estimated to grow to around $456.56 billion by 2021. A huge chunk of this is distributed across North America, with our public safety institutions being among the most robust in the world. The sector is typified by its need for precision and efficiency; any stumbling blocks along the way can mean the difference between life and death. This is why equipment breakdowns or unavailability can be a significant risk for the authorities, and might even open them up to serious litigation. What’s needed is an intuitive and effective way to manage inventory so that public safety officials can carry out their jobs without having to worry about administrative hassles.

A commonality across these organizations is that they strive to work for the public interest, contain many hundreds if not thousands of employees, and have limited (often government-funded) budgets with little or no wiggle room. With these similarities in mind, here are some ways equipment inventory software can open up bottlenecks faced by public safety institutions. Continue reading

When should your SMB start using Asset Tracking Software?

asset tracking software

Why use asset tracking software?

Ensuring efficiency and boosting productivity is critical to running a successful business. Assets are an important part of day-to-day business operations, and shortages of office supplies can cause unnecessary delays. Most businesses keep track of assets by maintaining records on spreadsheets or the more traditional paper registers. Knowing when productivity is being hampered by these methods is key to growing your business.

A good asset tracking software should empower you with better organization of assets, streamlined processes and extensive records of crucial asset information. When deciding if it’s the right time to invest in asset tracking software, ask yourself: Continue reading