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asset tracking softwareBundle items together to reserve and checkout with ease and speed. A bundle is a flexible combination of items, which acts like a check out list. It is used to optimize checkouts based on asset characteristics and availability. Enable bundles from Settings -> Add Ons -> Bundles.

When to use Bundles

Bundles are used to combine different items that are regularly checked out together. For example, if (any) 2 DSLR cameras, 2 tripods and 3 lens cleaning solutions need to be assigned on a ‘beach photoshoot’ engagement, then having this as a bundle will serve both as a checklist and a quick one-step process for their checkout. You need to have a cart enabled to use bundles. Enable Cart from Settings -> Add Ons -> Cart Module.

Creating a new Bundle
You can create a new bundle from Bundles -> Add New Bundle. Fill in the data fields for bundle name, description and location. See image below:
asset trackingbundles

Add Bundle Line: A bundle can have multiple line items based on the types of items needed; based on their name, their association to a group or a number of flexible options presented in the dropdown when choosing the type of bundle line (asset, asset stock, inventory). Let’s implement the ‘beach photoshoot’ bundle that consists of 2 DSLR cameras, 2 tripods and 3 lens cleaning solutions:
a. 2 DSLR cameras – We’ve setup our items such that there is a group called Cameras and all DSLR cameras are associated to it. We’ll use the Advanced(Assets) in the type.assetsb. 2 tripods from asset stock – We’ll use the ‘Asset Stock’ in the type:asset stockc. 3 cleaning solutions from inventory – We’ll use ‘Inventory’ in the type:InventoryOnce done, our bundle detail page shows a summary of the associated items. See image below:bundle

Add bundle to Cart
Now that the bundle has been created, we can add it to the Cart from Bundle Detail Page -> Click ‘Add to Cart’ button. This action will identify the available assets, asset stock and inventory items from this bundle and add them to your Cart. Now whenever there is a Photoshoot scheduled, simply add the bundle to the cart to checkout or reserve.
Specified quantities will be pulled up from available items with a single click to be checked out or reserved for a Photoshoot.asset tracking software

Bundles Versus Packages
Bundles differ from a related feature, Packages. Click here to learn more about Packages.

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