CMMS: Advanced Services and Maintenance

cmmsA CMMS compliant equipment management software helps industries plan and schedule equipment maintenance to enhance general plant effectiveness and reduce downtime. 

This blog explains how to use the Advanced Services and Maintenance feature in EZOfficeInventory using features like Recurring Services and Service Triage. You can use these features to add value to the basic Services and Maintenance workflow. To learn more about that, click here.

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Managing Purchase Orders with EZOfficeInventory

Procurement and Vendor Management

How will Purchase Orders help my business?

You can use EZOfficeInventory to create and keep track of Purchase Orders, helping you easily define the types, quantities, and agreed prices for items you need. The Procurement Module ensures that orders are processed quickly by creating linkages between items and vendors. You can now have greater control over your dealings with suppliers, print invoices to send on to vendors or keep for yourself, and watch items be updated as soon as they’re read as received on the system, without the need for any action on your side! Continue reading

How to configure SPF records to work with EZOfficeInventory

spf records

In EZOfficeInventory, system generated emails are sent by to the users. For example, by default the emails regarding an equipment return date, or a reservation starting date are sent from the EZOfficeInventory domain. You can choose to send these emails from an email address that belongs to you or your company. You can enable this feature from Settings → Add Ons → System Generated Emails. Continue reading

Carts in EZOfficeInventory: Equipment management at jobs and events

Equipment Management with EZOfficeInventoryThe Cart Module in EZOfficeInventory empowers you to stay on top of your jobs and events, greatly simplifying equipment management. You can mark these jobs and events on your calendar, have a list of required equipment and inventory, collaborate as a team, and do much more. Continue reading

Enable Single Sign-On using SAML on EZOfficeInventory

SAML Integration

EZOfficeInventory supports multiple login options. These include Google Account, Microsoft Account, LDAP and SAML providers. You can configure which login options to give to users from Settings → Company Settings → Authentication. In this post, we’ll discuss SAML. Continue reading

Zendesk EZOfficeInventory Integration: Powerful Asset Tracking and Ticket Management combined


The Zendesk app of EZOfficeInventory is used to manage tickets and incidents regarding equipment.


Imagine being able to get all the information you need to resolve a service ticket without even having to switch browser windows! At the same time, you can also track all tickets and ticket creators linked to a specific item from the Item Details page itself.

Integrating EZOfficeInventory with Zendesk can enable teams to quickly identify what needs to be worked on, what issues have previously been associated with an item, and other details such as Location and AINs. Continue reading

Summer Brew – June 2015 Feature Release

feature releaseSummer is finally here folks! It’s the busiest time of the year for a lot of businesses. This month’s EZOfficeInventory release has a couple of exciting features designed to increase your business’s efficiency during the busy season.

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