Harness the power of Dropbox with EZOfficeInventory

The automatic data backup (with Dropbox) feature has been released

We are super excited to introduce a new feature as part of our release this week. EZOfficeInventory now allows you to take automatic, periodic backups of your data. This awesome feature gives you the ability to seamlessly deposit backup copies of your data to a Dropbox account of your choice.


Here a quick start guide for this feature.

Setup: enable the feature

From Settings -> Add-ons, select the option “Upload data to Dropbox”. This will enable a link that you can follow to specify the Dropbox account that you want to setup to receive the data backup files. That’s it, you are set to use this feature! 


Accessing your backup data

Once the add-on has been enabled, you will notice periodic backups of your data appear as .csv files in your Dropbox account. Csv is a common data storage and exchange format that is compatible with most applications including Microsoft Excel, Google docs, etc.

The screen capture below shows Acme Corp’s backed-up data in their designated Dropbox folder, Dropbox\Apps\EZOfficeInventory\AcmeCorporation.

A view of a target Dropbox account.
A view of a target Dropbox account.

Data that’s backed up

– All active assets (all assets other than the retired ones) with all their data points
– All inventory
– All inventory transactions (line items)
– All asset checkout and check-in transactions

Export reports to Dropbox On-demand

Another nifty new feature is the ability to export any report to Dropbox from within the report page. After running a report you would have the ability to select ‘Export’ (see below) and choose the ‘Dropbox’ option. Once you do that, our system will create a csv file of the report and upload it to your Dropbox account seamlessly.

Exporting reports to Dropbox on demand
Exporting reports to Dropbox on demand

Please note that the add-on is currently available for corporate packages only. If you are subscribed to the Silver or Gold packages and would like to use this feature, please contact us at info@ezofficeinventory.com

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