Just In: Assets & Inventory Modules Supercharged


We have introduced substantial enhancements to the Inventory and Asset modules in a our February upgrade. Here is a quick summary of the enhancement that you should check out ASAP!

  1. Separation of Inventory and Asset views

  2. Customizable Asset and Inventory listing views

  3. Enhancements to the Inventory Module

    • Low inventory alerts at item level

    • Bulk label printing for (Inventory) stock items

    • Reservation of (Inventory) stock items.

    • Disable the Inventory module as per your business needs.

Separate Inventory and Asset views

Assets and Inventory have inherently different data storage, tracking and workflow requirements. Hence we separated the listing views for Assets and inventory, makes a more intuitive, clean and fluid user experience.

In the following screen, you will notice a new top level tab called “ITEMS”. Under this tab, notice the neat separation into ‘Assets” and ‘Inventory’ sub-tabs.



Separate listing views will eliminate possible confusion since a different set of actions and filters will be available in the respective views. (See below)


This view separation is not restricted only to the main Asset/Inventory listing page. Notice, in the screen below, how the separate sub-tabs appear on the Group detail page. The same is true for Vendors, Location etc.


Customizable Asset and Inventory listing views

It is now possible to define listing views that display data that is most relevant to your needs. Notice the vertical ‘ellipses’ at the top right of the Asset/Inventory listing grid. Clicking on it will fire up the customization UI (seen below). In the example below, we would like to display ‘Asset Identification Number’, ‘Custody’ and ‘Name’, along with two custom attributes, ‘Category code’ and ‘Next Service Date’.


The following screen displays the resultant view, with three default fields and two custom attributes. This is a big plus since displaying custom attributes in the listing view was not supported previously.


Enhancements to the Inventory Module

A number of significant improvements have been made to the inventory module.

  1. It is now possible to set a specific low stock threshold a value at the Inventory level. This will result in the system generating an alert as soon as the stock reaches the threshold. Previously it was not possible to track stock levels with such granularity.


  1. Ever needed to quickly print labels in bulk for each of your stock items? It is now possible through the bulk print feature.10

  1. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to reserve stock items just like Assets? Notice the new ‘Reserve’ button on the inventory detail page. Click on it to fire up the reservation form and to easily reserve stock items at a specific location (see below).11

  1. Last but not the least, it is now possible to ‘turn off’ and hide the Inventory module altogether. Some businesses deal exclusively with (‘fixed’) Assets and may feel that the Inventory functionality is not required. The following screenshot shows how the Inventory module can be turned off using Settings > Policy >Company Settings. This may further ‘simplify’ the product as all references to inventory and its features will now be hidden.12