Construction Safety Compliance: 4 Ways to Maintain a Secure Jobsite With a Tracking Software

Despite tremendous progress in safety equipment and training as well as secure job sites, construction workers remain at a higher risk of injury. According to OSHA, about 20% of worker fatalities in the private industry in 2019 were in construction.

Accidents on construction sites occur due to a variety of reasons— most of which can be prevented. Understanding the root causes of site accidents is the first step to eliminating hazardous injuries to workers.

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Practical Tips To Increase Your Efficiency As a Construction Equipment Manager

Struggling to take complete charge of your construction equipment? A construction equipment manager deals with procurement, usage, management, and maintenance of equipment ranging from expensive heavy-duty machines such as cranes, forklifts, bulldozers, and excavators, to smaller tools and accessories. Tracking such a large and diverse inventory of equipment can be challenging, especially if you are using manual methods.

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Secure Equipment by Tracking the Custody Transfer of Items with EZOfficeInventory

Field projects typically involve a lot of workflows where equipment changes hands multiple times throughout the day. If the custody trail is not followed and documented, there is a big risk  that equipment can be lost, misplaced, or stolen – with no one to hold accountable.  To help you avoid this situation, EZOfficeInventory makes it easy  to record the transfer of custody for Assets and Asset Stock within your organization. 

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4 Ways to Incorporate Storage Asset Management For Your Facility

storage asset management

Companies are aware that they need proper storage facilities for the inventory while it is not being used. However, not all of them are implementing the measures they should take to ensure their assets are stored efficiently. If you don’t figure out a way to store smartly, then there’s a chance that you might end up wasting time in locating, maintaining, and replacing the assets when you need them.

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