4 Ways to Incorporate Storage Asset Management For Your Facility

storage asset management

Companies are aware that they need proper storage facilities for the inventory while it is not being used. However, not all of them are implementing the measures they should take to ensure their assets are stored efficiently. If you don’t figure out a way to store smartly, then there’s a chance that you might end up wasting time in locating, maintaining, and replacing the assets when you need them.

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5 Key Benefits of Fixed Asset Auditing and How Tracking Software Can Help

asset auditing

Your company’s fixed assets include tangible possessions with long life cycles such as buildings, machinery, furniture, equipment and more. These are typically major capital investments that are also constantly depreciating due to regular use. Take complete control of asset lifecycle management and minimize the cost associated with depreciation with frequent asset auditing. 

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Confirm Item Availability and Take Quick Actions with Check Availability in EZOfficeInventory

During daily business operations, it can be challenging to track equipment availability at all times.  In situations where a Cart has to be checked out for an important Project, users may find it repetitive to check the Details page again and again for the availability status. Especially in busy schedules, checking item availability can turn into a redundant task taking up time for employees.

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Implement Efficient Workflows by Enabling Direct Actions in Zendesk

Earlier versions of the Zendesk Integration with EZOfficeInventory brought detailed asset visibility to the agent within Zendesk.  EZOfficeInventory now has introduced the ability for admins to take actions on assets directly within Zendesk, creating a seamless and highly streamlined experience that will speed ticket resolution, improve agent productivity, and end user experience.  

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