Here’s how asset tracking software improves education

Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software can help institutions with a lot of problems such as low productivity, inefficiency, and huge overheads. However, to say it can ‘improve education’ can seem, on the face of it, like an exaggeration. Let’s talk about why it categorically isn’t, and how asset management can be used to create a brighter educational context for all students alike!

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EZOfficeInventory Case Studies: KAYAK – Equipment Management Software

Equipment management software

EZOfficeInventory is the leading equipment management software. It is a key tool enabling KAYAK to streamline its workflows and create a viable managerial ecosystem.

We helped KAYAK manage employee needs and bring down administrative overheads. This was done by enabling them to cater to all incoming equipment without allocating additional resources. In addition to this, EZOfficeInventory’s dynamic ‘on the cloud’ records reinforced accuracy of asset management data and made updates instantaneous. This immediacy of information improved efficiency and helped employees avoid administrative hurdles. The ability to use QR Codes to track equipment was especially useful, as items could now be scanned in quick succession to bring up all relevant details.

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