Inventory Control Software – A Necessity for K-12s

Inventory control softwareWhy K-12s Today Need Inventory Control Software 

With 76.6 million children projected to be in school in 2017, the education sector must develop better infrastructure and management to ensure that standards of education are met. Among the many challenges facing the education sector, a lack of resources is a major cause of concern. In fact, according to the International Study Centre at Boston College around 63% of students are affected by resource shortages in science alone. At the same time schools have reported equipment losses of more than 48.4 million. Given these statistics it is imperative that educational institutions adopt better strategies to manage their assets and inventory and reduce losses. Automating the asset and inventory management systems of schools can save costs and prevent resource shortages from interfering in the classroom. This article highlights key areas where an efficient inventory control software can help schools manage their inventory, reduce interruptions to student learning and provide better learning environments. Continue reading

How to pick the right asset tracking software for your K12

Asset tracking software

Asset tracking software, K12s, and the revolution in education

The educational landscape in North America has changed drastically over the last decade. With a multitude of new disciplines being taught in schools and universities, the importance of emerging technologies in framing educational programs, and the increased focus on extra-curriculars, education has turned into a complex network of courses and activities. In 2015, around 50.1 million American students were enrolled in a K12. This is one of the reasons the cost of providing education is on the rise every year. One of the factors inflating these costs is the increasing educational and recreational assets K12s have to account for. Continue reading