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Bundle items together to reserve and check out with ease and speed. A bundle is a flexible combination of items, which acts like a check out list. It is used to optimize checkouts based on asset characteristics and availability. Enable bundles from Settings → Add Ons → Bundles.

A different feature, Packages can be used to clamp together set of assets such that they are always checked-in/out together. Learn more on Packages.

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Track Anything and Everything Using Custom Fields

Custom fields in EZOfficeInventory

This is an older blog. See the latest post on Custom Fields.

For efficient asset tracking and inventory management, EZOfficeInventory comes with a predefined set of fields. However, every business is unique and you may need specialized attributes for your specialized needs. For this we provide Custom Fields to track any data point with an asset/inventory.

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Service and Maintenance with EZOfficeInventory

Service & Maintenance

We’ve worked with organizations where high-end equipment is employed for daily operations. Having a fused light or a ripped belt drive hurts their business. More importantly, these hiccups affect their reliability and efficiency. This blog post explains how the Basic Service and Maintenance feature in EZOfficeInventory can be used to keep your equipment in the best shape.

For Advanced Services and Maintenance (including Recurring Services and Service Triage, which can be enabled from Settings → Add Ons), click here.

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Difference between Bundles and Packages

Bundles and Packages are advanced features that enable checking out multiple assets with a single action. Packages are best described as assets that are clamped together such that they are always checked out and checked in together. While Bundles are a grouping of assets that are likely to be checked out for a certain activity. Continue reading

Item Reservations in EZOfficeInventory


Reservations are now considerably richer and more robust EZOfficeInventory. With support for new workflows and insights, make clash-free and conflict-free reservations by easily resolving potential scheduling clashes. In addition to this, reserve a certain quantity of inventory stock items at a particular location and date.

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Powerful new features launched


Well folks, we did it again! You asked for it and we made it happen. We are proud to have released a truly rich and power-packed update that includes some of the most frequently requested and innovative features. You can now:

    • Customize asset listing views
    • Streamline check-in/checkouts by scanning employee ID cards on mobile
    • Manage assets and inventory through clean, separated views
    • Enable/disable the Inventory module as per business needs
    • Efficiently maintain and service assets with the new Servicing module
    • Support richer workflows for asset retirement scenarios
    • Use Packages to save time and effort with vastly enhanced functionality
  • Create awesome labels with the improved Label Designer

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