EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes June 2022

The EZOfficeInventory team has been working on intuitive UI updates and feature enhancements designed to  simplify your asset tracking experience. Now you have even more powerful control over managing your team and setting system generated asset management email alerts. Improve incident management for faster, quicker and more accessible issue resolution with enhancements to the Jira Service Desk integration. . 

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EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes March 2022

release notes march 2022

The EZOfficeInventory team has some exciting new feature updates to kickstart your asset tracking experience in 2022.  Managing and storing Contracts is simpler and easier than ever in EZOfficeInventory. For improved employee management, EZOfficeInventory brings automated alerts for seamless offboarding. Read the full March 2022 release notes for more details.

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EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes November 2020

TheEZOfficeInventory team launched some exciting new features and enhancements in the past months. We have upgraded the Custom Reports features and also introduced customization for the Navigation menu. The Zendesk Integration has two feature upgrades for streamlined service management. Read the complete the complete November Release Notes 2020 to learn more:

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EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes August 2020

release notes

Team EZOfficeInventory introduced some exciting new features, enhancements, and integrations in the past months. We have upgraded our Custom Fields and Carts features and introduced a Custody Verification feature. As always, we look forward to providing you with streamlined workflows and this is exactly what our Zapier, Jira, and Okta integrations aim to do.

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EZOfficeInventory Release Notes February 2020

february 2020 release notes

The last quarter was an exciting one at EZOfficeInventory as we added new features and upgraded existing ones! Now, you can further restrict data access by creating custom roles for your employees, strengthen security with our upgraded signatures, add new custom fields to printout templates, and much more with our asset management software. Read the complete February 2020 Release Notes to learn more!

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