How Asset Tracking Software Addresses Key Challenges for Emergency Response Agencies

asset tracking software

Thousands die needlessly each year due to delayed emergency response time (USA Today). When it comes to emergency response every second counts. This is particularly important in the case of cardiac arrest patients. Most cardiac arrest patients can be saved by timely electrical defibrillation and ALS (Advanced Life Support) intervention. According to the American Heart Association, the chances of survival for patients experiencing cardiac arrest decrease by 7-8% every passing minute! Additionally, it is seen that deaths due to road accidents are considerably increased when there is an increase in the response time. In such situations, equipment hiccups that delay response time can mean the difference between life and death. In one such case, a 2 year old past away due to delayed response by the fire department due to engine shortages. It is for this reason that many emergency response agencies employ asset tracking software to better manage critical equipment.

This blog details 4 ways in which asset tracking software helps emergency response agencies overcome key challenges. Continue reading

How equipment inventory software eases the way for the Public Safety industry

equipment inventory software and public safety

Why use equipment inventory software?

Equipment inventory software can be a great boon for the public safety sector. This industry is fairly expansive, estimated to grow to around $456.56 billion by 2021. A huge chunk of this is distributed across North America, with our public safety institutions being among the most robust in the world. The sector is typified by its need for precision and efficiency; any stumbling blocks along the way can mean the difference between life and death. This is why equipment breakdowns or unavailability can be a significant risk for the authorities, and might even open them up to serious litigation. What’s needed is an intuitive and effective way to manage inventory so that public safety officials can carry out their jobs without having to worry about administrative hassles.

A commonality across these organizations is that they strive to work for the public interest, contain many hundreds if not thousands of employees, and have limited (often government-funded) budgets with little or no wiggle room. With these similarities in mind, here are some ways equipment inventory software can open up bottlenecks faced by public safety institutions. Continue reading