Asset Inventory Management System: Benefits and Future

asset inventory management system

What is a good Asset Inventory Management System?

A successful asset inventory management system (AIMS) relates to the process of tracking the movement of items, i.e. IT equipment or other devices within an organization – from one location to the other. The system that is used for this type of tracking involves a unique barcode identifier which makes the process more efficient and results are more reliable.

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EZOfficeInventory Is Integrating With Zendesk Sunshine

EZOfficeInventory Integrates with Zendesk Sunshine

“Here comes the Sun!” It’s not the iconic Beatles song we’re referring to here, but our groundbreaking collaboration with Zendesk to help build the future of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) by soon integrating with Zendesk Sunshine. It is an open and flexible CRM platform that will revolutionize the way you interact with your Customers.

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