How Can Educational Institutions Optimize AV Equipment Use With Asset Management Software

In the last decade, technology has transformed traditional classrooms and increasingly children are starting their education with interactive whiteboards instead of a chalk blackboard. In this changing landscape, educational institutions have diverse audio visual (AV) equipment needs. Incorporating these changes has a significant impact on school operations and budgets.

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Types of Assets You Can Track with Asset Tracking Software

Types of assets to track with asset tracking software

Construction, education and health service sectors are recognized as the largest industries in the market, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO). But running on such a large scale comes with its own set of challenges. So how do these organizations manage it? The answer is simple – they adopt the right approach to asset management!

However, finding the right solution isn’t as easy as it sounds. With multiple tracking options available, firms have a tough choice to make.

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Carry Out Smarter Checkouts With Item Recommendations For Carts

Item Recommendations for Carts

Our Cart Module empowers you to stay on top of your jobs and events by greatly simplifying equipment check-ins and checkouts. It enables you to check out related items in bulk for multiple projects, saving you time. Reserve or check out Carts for the duration of the events and check items back into your repository once the events or tasks are over. 

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