4 Ways Asset Tracking Software Helps Your Business Get Back Online After a Disaster

asset tracking software

Natural Disasters and Business Continuity

The risk of a company having to close permanently after a hurricane, earthquake, fire or other types of natural (or man-made) disaster makes business continuity planning critical for businesses of all sizes. This includes drafting a prevention plan, making preparations for an impact, calculating the incident response time and looking into how a company can restore operations following a disruption.

Due to low warning times, there really is no easy way of protecting yourself and your business in the aftermath of a disaster. Reports suggest that Hurricane Harvey has cost the nation tens of billions of dollars in damage. With this in mind, it is important to know that even a small window of warning is an opportunity to execute a disaster recovery plan for your business. This is why a business continuity plan should be rehearsed, maintained and reviewed annually to ensure you have the best chance of overcoming a tragedy such as this.emergency preparedness plan Continue reading

EZOfficeInventory Case Studies: KAYAK – Equipment Management Software

Equipment management software

EZOfficeInventory is the leading equipment management software. It is a key tool enabling KAYAK to streamline its workflows and create a viable managerial ecosystem.

We helped KAYAK manage employee needs and bring down administrative overheads. This was done by enabling them to cater to all incoming equipment without allocating additional resources. In addition to this, EZOfficeInventory’s dynamic ‘on the cloud’ records reinforced accuracy of asset management data and made updates instantaneous. This immediacy of information improved efficiency and helped employees avoid administrative hurdles. The ability to use QR Codes to track equipment was especially useful, as items could now be scanned in quick succession to bring up all relevant details.

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Protection of Physical Information Assets using Custom Fields [Archived]

An updated version of this blog post is available here.

Here’s an interesting insight from one of our customers who is using EZOfficeInventory for the protection of information assets.

Through the use of custom fields that have both history and staff user edit enabled, they are able to track why and when an asset is being checked out. In addition to the default tracking associated with check-in and checkout, the firm has ensured adequate protection of information assets that primarily constitute of:

  1. Access keys
  2. Computers
  3. Printed documents related to Intellectual Property
  4. Portable Magnetic Drives

The company setting was changed from its default of ‘Full’ to ‘Limited to Checkout’ and arbitration was ‘Enabled’