3 Benefits of Managing Work Orders with Asset Tracking Software

work orders systemWe all understand the importance of staying on track and meeting deadlines. However, when employees have to juggle a multitude of tasks every day, something important usually gets left out. Such oversights and delays in projects have the potential to aggravate costs and damage brand reputation. In fact, 1 in 6 businesses overrun project costs by 200%, with an average overhead cost of 27%! In the competitive market, these costs can make or break a business. To overcome such hurdles, businesses adopt a number of productivity and management tools that help them stay on top of their employees, equipment, and tasks. This blog will detail how having a work order management module in asset tracking software can benefit businesses. Continue reading

EZOfficeInventory’s Work Order Management Software

Blog updated for new UI

EZOfficeInventory’s Work Order Management Software enables you to create work orders and assign them to members to track and optimize performance. This helps you take control of maintenance and inspection tasks a lot more effectively.

1. Work Orders at a Glance
2. Work Order States
3. Work Order Types
4. Work Order Elements
4.1. Basic Fields
4.2. Time Management
4.3. Associated Items
4.3.1. Maintenance Work Orders
4.3.2. General Work Orders
4.4. Checklists
5. Work Logs
6. Updating Work Orders
7. Alerts and Reminders
8. Work Orders on the Mobile App
9. History Log

To start off, you need to enable ‘Work Orders’ under Settings → Add Ons. Continue reading