Exciting new features released, with more on their way!

Nevermind the winter storms, our product team just wrapped up a fabulously productive fall! We have released some features recently and a bunch is on its way. We listen to our customers and these updates are a clear indication of our customer commitment.

Already Out

Upgraded Interface

Our refreshed User Interface is even more convenient to use, feels fresh and modern and attempts to eliminate potential clutter.   

Time based Check-in/Checkout: track with absolute precision

For every check-in and checkout, now you may specify the time in addition to the date. This enables you to track down your assets to the very minute.

Reserving assets for others

We have added a much requested feature for administrators to reserve assets on behalf of staff users.

Automatic periodic data backup to Dropbox

One of the most compelling new features is the ability to turn on data back up using Dropbox. Simply, point us to a Dropbox account of your choice and the system will push periodic backups of your data to the Dropbox account.

Upgraded Infrastructure

EZOfficeInventory is now more robust and up to date with the latest App Framework, upgraded web server and Database, and enhanced search engine. This will ensure that our service is even more reliable, scalable, secure and responsive.

Coming this December

Revamped Calendar

The new calendar will allow you to manage and monitor all your asset tracking tasks from the dashboard. It will provides easy access to events and required actions for a particular day. It is more insightful, smart and user friendly. You are going to love it!

Mass editing a bunch of records  

You may now select more than one asset/inventory records, and edit them in one go. This nifty feature should allow you to save time and gain productivity, as we eliminate the need to repetitive manual work. Again, this feature was in popular demand that we rolling out in our next release.

Scan multiple items on mobile  

You will be able to scan multiple items (QR Code or barcode) in a go and then take mass actions like check out, check in and verify possession etc. This is going to make your everyday asset management much simpler, as we transform your existing mobile phone into a powerful multipurpose asset tracking device. You will also be able to select multiple items manually and take actions.

Features expected in early 2014

Improved Reservations

Reservation workflows are being improved to give you flexible options to reserve your assets. This new feature handles reservations with more clarity and depth. It will help you avoid and resolve reservation conflicts with checkouts and remind you of all necessary actions that you need to take.

Enhanced Servicing

The new servicing module provides you a quicker way of servicing multiple assets. It tracks the maintenance of your assets in more detail. We introduce the ability to make an asset unavailable while it is under maintenance/service, hence allowing you to seamlessly implement your business workflows pertaining to services.

A separate Inventory module

The support for Inventory will be evolving into a full featured Inventory module, with its specialized views, actions, filters and reports. It will let you perform mass actions on inventory, have better visualization and filtering for inventory, print labels for all stock items, and run insightful filters on stock quantity. It will further help remove potential clutter by allowing you organize your assets and inventory in separate compartments with more efficiency and ease.

Configurable data views  

After our next release, you will be able to configure your views in asset and inventory listing. You can pull up any field that you think is relevant and useful to you and pin it to the asset or inventory listing table. Similarly, you may remove columns that that you deem less relevant to your business needs.

Tell us what more do you want

Share your suggestions and comments through uservoice or write to us at support@ezofficeinventory.com. We are also on twitter @OfficeInventory where you can join in the conversation.


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