Using Fuzzy Lists with Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking softwareYou can use our asset tracking software to create Fuzzy Lists for streamlined equipment management. Think of these lists as dynamic reference points when reserving or checking out carts in EZOfficeInventory.


1) When Would I Use a Fuzzy List?
2) A Note on Reservations
3) Creating a Fuzzy List
4) Populating the Cart Using Your Fuzzy List
5) Other Actions on Fuzzy Lists

When Would I Use a Fuzzy List?

A Fuzzy List is great for scenarios where you want to add a broad ‘category’ of items to a cart – say a camera from the DSLR group – but don’t want to worry too much about which specific DSLR it is. You can draw up a list for reference, and come back to the cart and populate it with specific items as needed. This makes it a great placeholder system when facilitating equipment checkouts at your organization.

A Note on Reservations

You can’t reserve or check out an empty cart in EZOfficeInventory. However, a cart that is empty, with items listed down in a Fuzzy List, can be reserved. This is so that you can come back and add specific items to it later on without needing to change the reservation period. However, since Fuzzy Lists are for reference only, the items from the Fuzzy List will not be ‘reserved’ until they are added to the cart itself.

Creating a Fuzzy List

1) To start, Go to Settings Add Ons  Fuzzy List  Enabled.

Fuzzy List

2) Next, go to the Cart detail page by clicking the cart icon highlighted in yellow below:

asset tracking software

3) You can now click ‘Create Fuzzy List’ beneath the Add Items search bar.

EZO Create Fuzzy List

4) This will prompt an overlay where you can begin to populate your Fuzzy List. Click ‘Add Another Item’ to add more item types, and the ‘Delete’ icon to delete them. As shown below, you can fill in 4 different Item Types:

Add Items to Fuzzy List EZO

i) Asset: You can add the specific item you want for this Fuzzy List. For example, Asset #4, which is a DSLR camera.

Adding Items to Fuzzy List

ii) Asset (Advanced): This allows you to add a fixed number of assets with specific properties to the list. These can be assets having the same name, belonging to a certain group, or having the same model number.

equipment tracking software

iii) Asset Stock: You can add a fixed quantity of an asset stock to the Fuzzy List.

iv) Inventory: Similarly, you can add a set number of an inventory item to your list.

5) When you’re done with the list, click ‘Add’ to get things going. Your Fuzzy List will now pop up on the Cart detail page, as shown below. It lists down the items and quantities, and all you have to do is look them up from the Add Items search bar at a later date.

Hide Fuzzy List EZO

Each cart can only have a single Fuzzy List. You can toggle visibility for this by clicking the button highlighted in green in the image above.

Populating the Cart Using Your Fuzzy List

You can now use your Fuzzy List as a reference point for adding items to the cart. Here, you see us adding one of the Macbooks found on the list. Remember, the Fuzzy List is for reference only. This means that items are only reserved when you add them to a cart like below, and click on ‘Reserve Cart’ on the right.

Macbook EZO

The colored checklist icons next to an item on the Fuzzy List will turn from red to green once they’re added to the cart. You can see that in the example below, only 2 of the 5 cables on the list have been added to the cart. This is why the checklist icon is still red. Adding 3 more cables will turn it green, signalling that all the items on the Fuzzy List have been successfully added to the cart.

Incomplete EZO Fuzzy List

This is what a Fuzzy List should look like if all the items in it have been added to the Cart:

Completed Fuzzy List EZO

Other Actions on Fuzzy Lists

You can edit or remove your Fuzzy List by clicking the options highlighted in green below. Editing allows you to add or remove items or quantities on your list, and removing a list will do away with it entirely.

Edit and Remove

And that’s all you need to know about creating Fuzzy Lists for reference using our asset tracking software!

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