Integrate Your G Suite User Directory With EZOfficeInventory

Integrate Your G Suite User Directory With EZOfficeInventory

Do you have the employee logs of your organization set up in G Suite? If yes, individually adding each member to EZOfficeInventory might take up too much of your time. EZOfficeInventory now integrates with G Suite to make this process a breeze.

Directly import members from your company’s G Suite User Directory into your EZOfficeInventory account. 

Once you have successfully integrated your G Suite User Directory with EZOfficeInventory, your employees can easily log in to the application using their company Google accounts.

Let’s walk you through some basic steps on how to accomplish this!

Step 1: Enable Add On

Before you head any further, first enable the G Suite Add On from your EZOfficeInventory settings. Follow the pathway: Settings → Add Ons → Import Members from G Suite → Enabled and hit ‘Update’ to enable the integration.

Note: You can only enable the integration if your organization has access to Premium features and you have the role of the Account Owner or an Administrator in the system.

From here you can choose to automatically sync users every 24 hours.

Step 2: Import Members

Next, comes the task of populating members in your EZOfficeInventory account. To do this, go to the Members module and click on ‘Import Members from G Suite’ as shown:

This action will redirect you to the Google authentication page like shown below.

Google sign in page

Google will ask you the following permissions in order to continue with the authentication:

Note: It will request permission to delete users, however EZOfficeInventory will not actually delete any users.

Sign in with your company’s Google account credentials. This will prompt the system to retrieve the names and email addresses of all the employees in your G Suite User Directory.

Hit ‘Import Members’. Your EZOfficeInventory account now includes a comprehensive log of all your employees.

If a user is suspended or deactivated, in that case it will be suspended/deactivated respectively.

Note: All members imported from the G Suite User Directory will be assigned the default role of a Staff User, and the following Default Member Settings will apply to them.

To change the default member settings, head to Company Settings → Member Settings → Default Member Settings and configure the settings based on your preference. 

Step 3: Sign in with Google

Our G Suite integration enables employees to log into EZOfficeInventory with their company Google accounts.

You can verify whether your integration has been completed successfully. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Enter your URL: in your search engine. The subdomain will essentially be your ‘Company name’.

  • Click on ‘Sign in with Google’.

Sign in with google

  • This shall direct you to You can now get your employees to enter their Google account credentials and see if they’ve logged in.

Once you land at the EZOfficeInventory dashboard and get the message “Successfully authenticated from Google account”, you’re good to go!

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