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location barcode management

Location barcode management helps you track your assets across a large number of locations quickly and efficiently. Not just this, but you can keep up with complex location labeling practices. For example, warehouses can often have a very detailed ID system, with 10.202.989.1.99 signifying warehouse # 10, aisle # 202, rack # 989, stack # 1 and at position # 99. Using our new location barcode system, you can now scan these numbers to get to the exact items you need in no time at all!

1. Identification Number

You can now add Identification Numbers to locations, either when you first create a location, or by editing it at a later time.

Location with barcodes

This is an optional field which serves as a unique identifier for your location. This ID can be scanned as a barcode, instantly pulling up the location on your system as needed. It will also show up on the Location Detail Page under ‘Identification Number’:

location barcode management identification numberNote the Sequence Number just under that, denoting Annapolis as ‘Location # 6’. This will help you keep track of your locations much more easily, and enable you to pull up similarly-named locations a lot quicker. This gets reflected in the URL as well. For example:

https://xyz.ezofficeinventory.com/locations/6 will take you to Annapolis for this account.

2. Scanning Location Barcodes

On location fields in the mobile app (including Create, Edit, Checkout, Checkin, Mass Edit, or any Filters), a barcode icon is shown, outlined in blue below:

Location Barcode Management

Scanning the location barcode here will bring up the associated location.

3. Settings

To begin using this feature, go to Settings → Company Settings →  Field Formats, and choose Search Lookup:

Location Barcode Management Field formatsYou can now use location IDs and scan location barcodes.

4. Search Function

When checking items in or out, you can use ‘@’ to bring up a location by its Identification Number, or ‘#’ to search by the Location #.

location barcode management for when you check out assets

5. Importing Location Data

In addition to adding new locations using an excel import, you can also update existing locations from Locations → Import Locations → Update Existing Locations:

Update exisiting locations for barcode managementYou can now use the Location # or the Location Identification Number to map a location to one that already exists in the system.

6. Reports

The Location List Report also includes both the Location #, as well as the Location Identification Number, helping you get more precise data each time.

Location list for location barcode management

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