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Hazards associated with medical equipment and how to overcome them?

With the increasing number of patients every year, the healthcare sector is under immense pressure to maintain quality standards. Poor management practices can have long-lasting impacts, which are not just limited to the organization. Broken equipment and unexpected downtimes can disrupt the schedule and take a toll on the patients’ lives. A rapid increase in the acquisition of equipment indicates a need for a robust management system. According to a study, it was found out that the total medical technology is predicted to grow at an average of 5% till 2022 globally.medical tech growth


The healthcare sector is fraught with challenges related to medical equipment. Majority of hospitals face the following hazards when it comes to technical instruments:

  • Poor data integrity: Hospitals operate with the help of a large inventory base. The best way to handle such items is to maintain accurate records of information. But, due to the absence of a reliable system, most healthcare centers fail to do so. 
  • Inconsistency in instrument sterilization: Surgical wards are a hub for bacteria and viruses. The use of unsterilized instruments can aggravate the spread of diseases. Such malpractices can be easily prevented with an automated maintenance management software in place.  
  • Inability to meet safety standards: When it comes to the healthcare sector, a single mistake can be fatal to a patient’s life. Poor administrative practices lead hospitals to compromise on safety levels putting hundreds of lives in danger.  

These problems are expected to amplify in the coming years if not dealt with, soon. The transition of healthcare organizations to cloud-based computing systems has enabled them to improve management processes.

With advanced digitization, medical equipment management software can provide the following benefits to hospitals:

1. Access updated medical records for streamlined work operations

Healthcare centres operate in a very time-sensitive environment. A single delay might put a patient’s life at risk and have irreversible consequences. For this reason, it is critical to maintaining accurate records for seamless everyday activities. Failure to find instruments for daily tasks can cause inconvenience and unwanted delays.

To help hospital staff with their duties, medical equipment tracking software comes with a dashboard to organize bookings and reservations. Using this feature, employees can update the records, every time an instrument is checked out. Having all this information at a single place makes it easier to plan activities. You can easily access the status of any medical equipment under the availability calendar. Strategic management processes make it easier to schedule and carry out daily hospital operations.  

Did you know? The global mobile health market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 49.7% till 2020.

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2. Run audits to maintain compliance with safety standards

One of the greatest risks involved in healthcare management is staying up to date with safety standards. Strict regulations mean you cannot afford to provide substandard medical facilities. This is mainly why healthcare organizations tend to opt for web-based mechanisms to manage hospital operations. Such software programs let you organize routine audit practices to ensure that you are meeting the set legal certifications.

With the help of a medical equipment asset management software, you can easily get an instant overview of the current status of your assets. Timely reviews allow you to discard expired medicines and stock up on the required instruments. A regular check and balance can be extremely critical to maintain quality standards at the hospital. Conduct audit practices to achieve safety regulations for your medical equipment.

audit reports medical equipment management softwareCarry out audits to discard expired medicines on time

3. Schedule sterilization sessions to reduce equipment downtime

For any organization to function at its optimal level, it is necessary that its equipment is maintained in good shape. Same goes for hospitals and healthcare units. The need for sterilization of medical instruments is much more amplified, because of the risks involved with the spread of virus and bacteria. Many studies show that countless deaths occur due to the transfer of diseases through used instruments. In order to prevent such chaos in hospitals, it is crucial that sterilization sessions be made mandatory.

With the use of medical equipment software, you can schedule maintenance sessions for all your tools. Having a cloud-based system allows you to automate these sessions for seamless repair and service operations. As soon as you acquire new equipment, you can enter it into the system and schedule for its maintenance. Doing this lets you maintain all medical machines and instruments in excellent condition for daily tasks.

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4. Label medical instruments for optimal usage

The trend of barcode labeling has gained popularity in the pharmaceutical departments in the last few years. With the workload spread over numerous employees, it is not an easy job to keep a track of all medical equipment. Such situations require a robust check-in and checkout system to retain transparency of work operations. A medical equipment management software provides high-tech features like barcode labels to distinguish between tools and instruments needed for different tasks. This mechanism allows you to gain the following benefits:

  1. Lower risk of error in tool placement
  2. Time savings due to quick retrieval of equipment
  3. Control over misplacement and loss of inventory

In addition to these advantages, hospitals can also use barcodes to store extra details of a storage location of all the assets as well. Easily track medical equipment for higher overall productivity and efficiency.

label designer medical equipment management softwareTag all your medical instruments for easy reference

Use EZOfficeInventory to attain safety regulations for your healthcare centre

The recent years have seen an increase in digitalization in the healthcare sector. Majority of hospitals now maintain electronic patient records, as a result of robust online data integrity. Medical centres are slowly shifting towards an IT infrastructure, that allows them to reach higher safety standards and provide quality care to patients. Web-based software programs are extensively used to streamline healthcare activities for maximum impact. EZOfficeInventory is a medical equipment management software that is designed to offer hospitals a diverse set of features for optimal utilization of tools and machines.

Equipped with advanced facilities like RFID tracking, EZOfficeInventory’s medical equipment management software allows you to take mass actions for faster data retrieval. Working in time-sensitive hospital environments, staff workers cannot afford to lose a single second. By using RFID tracking, they can check out all the instruments they need for a major surgery in a few seconds.

EZOfficeInventory also provides a secure database for all medical records. Being a cloud-based tool, you don’t have to worry about information loss or infiltration. With online backups, EZOfficeInventory protects your data against unauthorized usage and malware. Hospitals can then use this information to forecast future trends and patterns. A comprehensive usage history of all medical equipment allows you to predict stock requirements for the next season. Opt for EZOfficeInventory today to run flawless operations and deliver improved healthcare service to patients.

Want to know more about our medical equipment management software?

EZOfficeInventory is a medical equipment management solution with high-performance features for hospitals and healthcare centres. It has helped numerous healthcare centres optimize their operations in order to provide quality patient care.

You can try us out by signing up today for a free 15-day trial. For more assistance, drop us an email at support@ezofficeinventory.com.

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