Migrating existing data over to EZOfficeInventory, a no brainer!

See updated blog on this feature: https://blog.ezofficeinventory.com/item-imports-asset-tracking-software/

Many of our customers moved to EZOfficeInventory from ‘old school’ solutions like Microsoft Excel or custom desktop applications. To make this process simple and easy, we’re constantly enhancing our migration tools to make this pain free.

Migrating your data into EZOfficeInventory is a three step process.

  1. Export your existing data out of your current system in either an Excel or CSV format.
  2. Use the EZOfficeInventory import wizard (Assets -> Import from Excel Sheet) to map your current data fields onto EZOfficeInventory’s fields.
  3. Use the wizard to push the mapped data into the EZOfficeInventory Cloud and populate your new account. Your new EZOfficeInventory asset management system is ready for use!

Migrating Existing Data

Migrating Existing Data

Some important points to note:

  • The tools are designed to be super simple and obvious. Moreover, EZOfficeInventory also provides data migration support for corporate customers who may have complex data scenarios.
  • In case you track fields specific to your business needs, use Custom Attributes to add the fields before the import process. All Custom Attributes are visible in the wizard when mapping the imported data to EZOfficeInventory fields.
  • Name is a mandatory field and we restrict this to a maximum of 40 characters. If you have asset names larger than 40, please reduce the size by updating the specific names. Note – Excel’s formatting option for limiting 40 characters on a column does not truncate and will cause the import to fail

For details on custom attributes please have look at our blog post: https://blog.ezofficeinventory.com/extending-inventory-management-through-custom/