Whitepaper: Executing Healthcare Asset Tracking Workflows

Medical Asset Tracking

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This whitepaper will talk about the challenges faced by the healthcare industry, and how Medical Asset tracking software features can help you overcome them. We will also outline some common healthcare workflows used by EZOfficeInventory customers to optimize Medical Asset management and increase their ROIs.
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ITAM Solution: The Need Of The Hour For IT-reliant Companies

itam solution

Combat business challenges with ITAM

All modern companies know that IT assets play a chief role in meeting business targets. These assets include the many software programs used to streamline business tasks, and the main server that stores critical internal data. With technology so deeply inter-woven within company tasks, survival without a robust management structure is extremely difficult.

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Equipment Inventory Software: Features And Best Practices

Equipment inventory software

Does it really matter how you use your equipment?

Equipment, whether big or small, is crucial to running the daily tasks of a business. It is the core resource of your organization. For this reason, it is important to keep your equipment inventory in good shape. Continuous upkeep of equipment lowers instances of machine downtime, enhances productivity, and ensures that you conclude your projects in time.

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