Custody Verification in EZOfficeInventory

Custody verification in EZOfficeInventory

With our custody verification feature, you can request custodians to verify possession of Assets or Asset Stock items. This helps serve as proof that they are in possession of the asset(s). If they don’t have the items, they can also deny the verification request and list down reasons as to why not.

Let’s dive deeper into the entire custody verification process and see how you can benefit from it.

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Retiring Checked out Assets in EZOfficeInventory

Whether you are a large or small business, you understand the risk of losing assets in the field during routine tasks. While this is not uncommon, it can lead to data discrepancies if not accounted for correctly.  Many companies struggle with reporting these incidents accurately in their systems. Now EZOfficeInventory provides a robust solution. 

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Digital Fitness: How Sports Equipment Asset Management Can Facilitate Online Training Sessions

sports equipment asset management

Online fitness and wellness classes is a rapidly growing trend which is all the more relevant in the current climate of social distancing.  Gyms and fitness centres are increasingly adapting to the age of digital fitness so people can work out from their homes with the help of virtual trainers. While many have been swift to adopt the change, others need more time and resources to make the transition. 

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