[How-to] configure secure LDAP on Azure AD Domain Services

ldap for azure ad

Network administrators use Active Directories to streamline maintenance processes within large organizations. Instead of having to perform several updates manually, a network admin can update one object in a single process.

Active Directories are used to allow or deny application access to end-users through the network trees. They help in keeping a large network organized and maintained. And you can do this without having to perform each task through an individual process.

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What is equipment tracking software and why is it important for your company?

Equipment Tracking Software

Does your company require equipment tracking?

Managing your inventory can be challenging if your company interacts with hundreds of items. Various pieces of equipment are used by your employees, exchanged between locations and staff, and checked in for maintenance. If you aren’t documenting these processes, your projects will bear the brunt of it.

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Key Challenges In The Construction Industry And How To Solve Them

Key Challenges in construction

The US construction industry is one of the largest industries worldwide, with an annual expenditure of over $1,293 billion. It contributes a vital percentage to the GDP value of the United States, helping it drive up the economy.

This has resulted in an explosion in construction projects all over the country – companies in this space are in for speedy growth.

However, challenges are quickly creeping up to hinder this explosion.

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