3 Reasons to Run Automated Notifications and Alerts With a Tracking Software and How?

automated notifications

Give your business an efficiency boost by always staying on top of important events and alerts. Whether it’s a low inventory stock warning or a piece of equipment that is due for regular maintenance,  the relevant people within the organization should be alerted on time. Businesses should automate notifications and alerts  so teams can remain updated at all times.

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Enable Mass Check-In/Partial Return of Asset Stock Through the EZOfficeInventory Mobile App

mass asset scan

In order to facilitate companies that checkin and checkout items in bulk, EZOfficeInventory has introduced mass asset scan actions through its mobile app. This feature streamlines business processes by eliminating the need to go through checkins time and again for multiple items of the same asset stock. Users can now even partially return asset stock to keep their records updated at all times. 

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Bolster Asset Tracking By Implementing Role Based Access For Your Business

role based access

Role based access is a security mechanism used by organizations  to restrict system access for users. In order to streamline workflows, employees are grouped into roles according to their designation and granted access permissions. This is especially common in large organizations with hundreds of employees where there is a higher chance of leaking sensitive information. 

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