Digital Fitness: How Sports Equipment Asset Management Can Facilitate Online Training Sessions

sports equipment asset management

Online fitness and wellness classes is a rapidly growing trend which is all the more relevant in the current climate of social distancing.  Gyms and fitness centres are increasingly adapting to the age of digital fitness so people can work out from their homes with the help of virtual trainers. While many have been swift to adopt the change, others need more time and resources to make the transition. 

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Zendesk’s Integration with EZOfficeInventory: Powerful Asset Tracking and Ticket Management combined

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Use EZOfficeInventory’s Zendesk app to manage tickets and incidents regarding all your equipment.

1. Why integrate with Zendesk?

Imagine being able to get all the information you need to resolve a service ticket without even having to switch browser windows! At the same time, you can also track all tickets and ticket creators linked to a specific item from the Item Details page itself.

Integrating EZOfficeInventory with Zendesk can enable teams to quickly identify what needs to be worked on, what issues have previously been associated with an item and other details such as Location and AINs. Continue reading