Setting up SSO for EZOfficeInventory and Microsoft ADFS – SAML 2.0

microsoft adfs and ezofficeinventory

EZOfficeInventory supports single sign-on (SSO) logins through SAML 2.0 (ADFS server) if you’re on the Premium and above pricing plans.

This article explains how to configure the SSO integration of a self-hosted Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) server and EZOfficeInventory.

A SAML 2.0 identity provider (IDP) can take many forms, one of which is a self-hosted Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) server. AD FS is a service provided by Microsoft as a standard role for Windows Server that provides a web login using existing Active Directory credentials.

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EZOfficeInventory Integrates With Jira To Enable Seamless Issue Tracking

jira ezofficeinventory

This integration requires

This guide outlines the setup and workflows for our new EZOfficeInventory for Jira App. If you’re using an older version, read this quick guide for setup instructions and troubleshooting.

How does this integration complement EZOfficeInventory?

This integration provides support and ticketing capabilities that sync directly with the EZOfficeInventory asset tracking app.

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Understanding the Power Of Big Data for Your Business

big data for business

If you’re wondering what the fuss is about big data and how it applies to your business, you’re not alone. We all know data is a powerful tool for any company, but what makes big data different? Oracle defines big data is any data that contains a greater variety arriving in increasing volumes and higher velocity. That sounds pretty confusing on its own, but it’s simpler than you think.

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Setting up Topaz Signature Pad with EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory now supports Topaz Signature Pad

EZOfficeInventory now supports the Topaz signature pad for capturing electronic signatures. This will enable more convenient signature capture to make the verification process smoother for your users.

Here is everything you need to set up electronic signatures using Topaz on EZOfficeInventory:

  1. Topaz Signature Pad Model T-S460-HSB-R
  2. Topaz SigPlusExtLite Installation File
  3. Chrome Browser (currently not compatible with any other browser)
  4. Topaz SigPlusExtLite Chrome Extension
  5. Advanced or above EZOfficeInventory features plan.

Please note that we do not support Topaz Integration for Mac OS Users yet. We recommend using this signature pad for Mac users.

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5 Ways Inventory Control System Software Improves Your Workflows

inventory control system software

What is inventory control and how is it implemented?

Maintaining rock-solid inventory control is the key to running any business. Several tasks, ranging from procurement and warehousing to final disposal, come under the domain of inventory control.

Since well-regulated inventory is important for running smooth operations daily, stock control should be a top priority for businesses. If implemented the right way, it can greatly boost operational efficiency.

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