EZOfficeInventory Offers Fast, Efficient Returns with the New Quick Check-In Dashboard Button

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Busy organizations can check out hundreds of small items and tools for an ongoing project. Upon completion, all these items are returned together and going to individual Carts/Items details page to check them back in can be tedious and time consuming. 

To expedite this process, EZOfficeInventory has introduced the Quick Item Check-In feature that allows users to directly check in Asset and Asset stock right from the dashboard. 

Customers can use the Quick Check-in button to do a quick search for checked out items by using the Asset Identification Number (AIN), Item name or scan the barcode. Simply scan the Item label, or type the  Asset name or AIN into the “search” field and check in the item right from the page. If the item is part of a bundle EZOfficeInventory will auto-suggest the complete bundle for a quick check in. 

Let’s look at how to use this feature in more detail:

Step 1: Enable Quick Check-In

Go to Settings → Add Ons  → Quick Check-In. 

After you have enabled the setting, you will be able to view the Quick Check-In icon on the top right corner of the Dashboard. 

Note: The Quick Check-In only applies to Asset, Asset Stock and Bundles. 

Step 2: Search Items for Quick Check-In

When you click the Quick Check-In icon on the Dashboard, you will be redirected to the main page. Here you can search for the Item you want to check in by the Item name, AIN, Item number or a barcode scan. The search results will appear as follows:

When using the Quick Check-In feature, users can select different locations and return dates The settings button on the right corner of the page pops up an overlay to choose a location and return date as shown below: 

2.1: Check-In items at different locations

The user can checkout an Asset at one Location and Check In at a different location. To be able to enter individual Asset Locations, you must have enabled the checkbox in Settings:

Enabling this checkbox will allow users to select locations for each asset in the table. If this setting is disabled then the user can only choose the default location from the dialogue box on the Quick Check-in page. 

Note: Asset stock cannot be checked in at different locations. It will be checked to its original location; that is where it was prior to the checkout. 

For assigning locations to individual assets, you can choose a Location from the dropdown on the Quick Check-In page. 

Note: This setting is only available if the User has enabled different locations from Add Ons → Quick Check-In. 

For adding a single Location for mass check-in Items, users can select the Location from the Settings overlay on the Quick Check-In page:

2.2 Set default/custom return dates

You can choose to return Assets and Asset Stock either on the Cart return date or custom return date from the dialogue box on the Quick Check-in page:

The custom date should be any date before the Asset Check-In date. Let’s say an Asset was initially to be checked in on 28th July. However, the customer decided to return it earlier on 24th July. They can easily set the custom date to the 24th of July when checking in the Asset.

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Step 3: Check-In for Bundles

Items in a bundle can be checked in all together or as individual items. To check in a bundle as a whole simply search for the bundle on the Quick Check-In page and enter the relevant details:

When checking in a bundle, users can also enter a Location for the whole bundle. 

In addition to this, users can also check in separate items from a checked out bundle. For instance, we want to check in the Asset ‘Wand’ from the Bundle. This can be done by looking for the Asset at the Quick Check-In page. Enter the relevant Location and hit the Check-In button:

Step 4: Custom Fields for Quick Check-Ins

There are several custom fields that are mandatory for Item Check-In. If the fields are not filled when checking out the Asset/Asset Stock initially, the system will ask the user to first fill in the mandatory order custom fields before checking in Assets or Asset stocks:

Similarly, if user signatures are mandatory on check-ins, then you will be required to sign in before you can take the Quick Check-In action. 

Step 5: Enable Quick Check-In Alerts

Users can also turn on Alerts for Quick Check-In. Go to the Navigation Menu → Alerts → My Alerts → Check-In/Checkout:

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