Save Time and Check out Items Faster with Quick Checkouts in EZOfficeInventory

Large organizations check out hundreds of items on a daily basis. Such processes can be time consuming, inefficient and can delay business operations and tire the users unnecessarily. For example, if you are working at a school district, then checking out IT devices to several students based in different sites can create bottlenecks. 

With EZOfficeInventory’s new Quick Checkout feature, you can check out hundreds of items easily anywhere from the system- straight from the top navigation bar, leveraging the  “action-first” approach. 

The feature enables you to:

  1. Improve the efficiency of the workflows by use of both scanner and keyboard to add assets in the checkout field. This eliminates the need for unnecessary clicks and makes it easier for you to quickly check out an asset.
  2. Do “repeat checkouts” that will save you from the hassle of opening the Quick Checkout window every time if you are checking out several assets in a flow. 
  3. Get a centralized view of the checkout feature which is more optimized for a speedy workflow because you do not need to visit the Asset Details page every time when an asset is to be checked out. You can quickly check out from here by either scanning or filling in the asset name or number. 

Quick checkouts come with a much easier and efficient workflow that can save your organization considerable costs, and also improve employee productivity. At a glance, here is a video showing Quick Checkouts in a few seconds:

Now Let’s walk you through the whole process step by step: 

First, you need to navigate to the “Quick Actions” icon on the top of the navigation bar. 

After this, a drop down will appear showing the tab for Asset Checkout. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to an overlay asking you to fill out the following item details :

Here you can scan the asset or simply enter its name or other identifiers like serial number, AIN or Asset # and fill in the fields for “Checkout To” and “Location”. 

Note: The field for “Return on” populates automatically based on the pre-set default settings. 

Depending on the pattern of returning assets, the user can check out the asset indefinitely. You can also set Default Return Date and Time by going to Company Settings -> Default Return Date and Time as shown below. This default date will automatically show up in the field. In this way, you do not have to fill in the field, saving time and effort. 

 By pressing CTRL+ENTER you can check out an asset using the keyboard. 

Once you check out an item, the following message will appear on the window notifying you that the asset has been checked out to a particular user. 

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