Setting Up RFID Asset Tracking with EZOfficeInventory

RFID Asset Tracking Software

EZOfficeInventory’s RFID asset tracking software will drastically speed up equipment processing at your organization. This blog will take you through the process of setting up your TSL 1128 RFID Scanner and using the EZOfficeInventory mobile app to scan your way to more streamlined RFID equipment management!

Note: This integration is currently only supported on iOS devices, with Android support to follow soon.


1) Getting Started with RFID Asset Tracking
2) Scanning RFID Tags
3) Taking Actions on Scanned Items

Getting Started with RFID Asset Tracking

To get things started, go to Settings → Add Ons → Handheld Scanner Integration → RFID Reader, and click Enabled.

rfid integration add on

Of course, you need to add your RFID tag IDs to the system. You can either do this through an Excel import, or by going to any item, clicking Edit, and filling in the Identification Number field:

RFID Asset Tracking Software

Scanning RFID Tags

1) Make sure your RFID scanner is turned on. Next, sign in to your iOS EZOfficeInventory app and click the scanning symbol on the top bar, highlighted in red in the image below. You can now choose the TSL RFID Scanner option in the overlay.

RFID Asset Tracking2) You’ll now be asked to pair your RFID Reader with our app. You can also do this directly from your phone settings. Remember to enable your Bluetooth! After choosing the RFID Reader, you’ll be taken back to the scanning screen.

Asset Tracking with RFID

3) Now, simply scan your labels! The TSL 1128 RFID Reader is a dual reader, meaning it scans both RFID tags and Barcodes. You can long-click the trigger to scan RFID tags, and double-click to scan Barcodes. All the scanned items will show up on the screen instantly. Below, we’ve scanned three assets and then unselected the Office Smartphone by tapping its photo. You can also do this by long-pressing the item details.

RFID Asset Tracking

If you scan a tag that doesn’t exist on your EZOfficeInventory account, the tags will show up at the bottom of the screen:

RFID Asset Tracking

Taking Actions on Scanned Items

You can now take different actions on your scanned items. Clicking the Play icon allows you to check the items in and out, verify possession, make reservations, create service records, and more:

Managing assets with RFID

You can also add these items directly to the cart using the Cart icon:

For more information on how best to use the EZOfficeInventory mobile app, check out our tutorial below:

And that’s it! You’ve successfully scanned your first few RFID tags using the EZOfficeInventory mobile app and a TSL 1128 Scanner.

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RFID Asset Tracking Software

Want to learn more about our RFID asset tracking software?

EZOfficeInventory supports RFID tracking for streamlined workflows, allowing you to enrich your inventory performance and improve overall productivity. We offer a 15 day trial to help you see what we’re all about. Try us out today!

Here’s a list of recommended hardware integrations you can use for RFID scanning of item labels.

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