April 2014 Release

Selection_181This month was particularly special because of an OpenSSL bug called heartbleed, which affected a significant portion of applications on the internet. We responded immediately by moving to a completely new set of servers and upgrading to OpenSSL 1.0.1g which is not vulnerable.

Other than enhancing security, we worked on a number of popular customer requests including:

Selection_182Saving custom reports: Reports in EZOfficeInventory can be generated by selecting columns and setting up filters as per your needs using Custom Reports. Multiple preferences of these columns and filters can now also be saved. Instead of setting up a custom report every time, you can reuse a preference to save time and effort. Continue reading

Managing Access Control for Large Teams (Archived)

An updated version of this blog post is available at:

For companies with over a few hundred employees, there’s been a need to allow for grouping of users so they can be managed by their own administrator as well as be restricted to assets for their group.

Today, we’ve pushed the functionality live although we’re currently restricting companies from enabling this feature by themselves. This is to ensure we work out the kinks before opening up the gates. If you’re interested in having early access to this feature, just email us.

Some lowdowns on the feature:

  1. A new User Listing needs to be created for each access control group
  2. Users who belong to one User Listing cannot belong to another one (this may change in the future)
  3. Any number of asset groups can belong to a User Listing. There is no limit on the ceiling or it being exclusive
  4. Administrators continue to have the same rights but restricted to groups and users within the same User Listing
  5. Staff users have visibility to only those assets that belong to one of the groups in their User Listing