The 5 Rules To Simplify Asset Management With Asset Inventory Software

asset inventory software rulesWhat you should know about managing a business with asset inventory software?

The crux of efficient business management relies on a few major aspects. One of them is inventory control. The reason is simple and obvious. Your company needs asset inventory to carry out its daily work operations. Poor inventory management means that your tools and machines are unable to perform their respective tasks. This leads to low productivity which demotivates your employees as well. To ensure optimal utilization of resources, it is critical that you implement robust asset management practices for your organization. Such routines not only help create economies of scale but lead to increase in overall efficiency.

According to a few recent surveys, trade and retail sector accounts for the largest number of inventory in the U.S. An estimate of around $618,408 Billion has been recorded in September 2017, which is a substantial increase from $605,193 Billion in September 2016. Research data also predicts a positive impact on inventory for various other business sectors as well. If this growth trend continues in the coming years, inventory management will pose a great challenge if not handled in the correct manner. Taking care of your assets is simple, as it should be. It mainly involves 3 basic steps; tracking, maintaining and analyzing. Continue reading

Benefits of IT Asset Management – A good idea for businesses

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) systems now have become a ‘must’, not ‘nice to have’. Asset management is no more an option for IT teams and businesses. But is your IT Asset Management tool keeping up with the technological changes, complexity towards licensing, requests for audits and above all the increased pressure for financial transparency? Continue reading

University of Wisconsin, Madison Hybrid Vehicle Team partners with EZOfficeInventory to lift productivity to the next level

Asset tracking softwareCarson City, NV, June 24, 2015 (PRWEB) University of Wisconsin – Madison, Hybrid Vehicle Team (UWHVT), a cutting edge electric powertrain team received a significant productivity boost by partnering with EZOfficeInventory – a leading cloud-based Asset Tracking software.
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