How Asset Labels for Schools Help Streamline Education

asset labels for schoolsThe need to have asset labels for schools (why now)

Keeping track of school assets has never been this important till now. With the schools facing budget cuts in school funding from some time while the prices of equipment, specifically high-tech learning gear keep escalating. Out there are efficient asset tracking solutions that help you define asset labels for schools – which are pretty helpful for better inventory control and organized school operations. As a result, asset tracking and inventory management become a lesser back-breaking task for schools.

Lost and misplaced assets can easily make record keeping a nightmare, particularly in schools. Their pre-occupied staff and faculty spend productive time in tracking down laboratory equipment, visual devices, interactive whiteboards and other school supplies that are part of their primary educational activities.

If the staff fails to locate the equipment needed, the schools end up spending money from the same shrunken budgets on purchasing or renting replacements. No organization wants to keep spending on something that was already there but couldn’t be found due to inefficient equipment tracking and management of school supplies. Continue reading

Here’s How School Districts Cut Costs Using School Asset Management Software

school asset management softwareThe need for school asset management software

The education industry bears enormous losses each year through damaged or misplaced assets. This risk is magnified if the educational institutes lack a proper school asset management system to overcome such challenges. A study by Quality Education Data shows that lost or damaged items cost schools nearly a quarter of a million dollars each year which includes $80,000 for technology malfunctions alone. The research further revealed that manual tracking of assets is one of the main reasons why schools suffer from such losses. It gets worse when school districts use multiple systems for tracking rather than a single solution.

The absence of a robust inventory control system makes it difficult for schools to manage assets within their budgets. Often times, a poor asset tracking system means that teachers and students remain deprived of the resources they need to meet the minimum standard of education. While trying to deal with such issues, a majority of schools end up deploying more inventory instead of tackling with the root cause of the problem. What the schools really need is a cloud-based solution that can centralize management of resources more effectively. That’s where asset tracking software for the education sector comes in! Continue reading