4 Effective Ways You Can Handle Tight Education Budgets With Asset Management For Schools

budget control with asset management for schoolsWhy education sector needs to consider asset management for schools

Major challenges faced by schools and their implications

Schools aim to bring across the best quality education to your children. In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary that teachers have the right tools to do their jobs. Even if you have the most valuable assets, lack of proper management routines can cost you a lot of money and low productivity. To maintain a substantial education standard, schools need to endorse robust asset management systems. But why is there a need for such a system?

The coming years are likely to pose some serious problems which can have a negative impact on the learning curve of students. It has been predicted that the number of students will increase by 650,000 till the year 2020. As the student base goes up, schools will have to expand their classroom capacities and arrange for additional teaching tools. Tools that would fit in the changing technological world. More teachers would have to be employed and monitored. Such drastic changes ultimately mean one thing for educational institutes; tight budget constraints!

Apart from all this, schools are also expected to face problems in accountability measures. Physical supervision of inventory is very expensive and not always reliable. In order to adopt the most cost-effective practice for asset management, it is critical that your school invests in a cloud-based tracking system. Continue reading

How Asset Labels for Schools Help Streamline Education

asset labels for schoolsThe need to have asset labels for schools (why now)

Keeping track of school assets has never been this important till now. With the schools facing budget cuts in school funding from some time while the prices of equipment, specifically high-tech learning gear keep escalating. Out there are efficient asset tracking solutions that help you define asset labels for schools – which are pretty helpful for better inventory control and organized school operations. As a result, asset tracking and inventory management become a lesser back-breaking task for schools.

Lost and misplaced assets can easily make record keeping a nightmare, particularly in schools. Their pre-occupied staff and faculty spend productive time in tracking down laboratory equipment, visual devices, interactive whiteboards and other school supplies that are part of their primary educational activities.

If the staff fails to locate the equipment needed, the schools end up spending money from the same shrunken budgets on purchasing or renting replacements. No organization wants to keep spending on something that was already there but couldn’t be found due to inefficient equipment tracking and management of school supplies. Continue reading