What Is Equipment Maintenance Record Keeping And How To Optimize It

equipment maintenance record keeping

Stages of Equipment Maintenance Management

According to a consultancy study, it was found out unplanned downtime imposes a cost of $50 Billion annuallyThis depicts how critical repair projects are to the overall productivity of your business. If you lack a robust maintenance program, you will not only fall behind in achieving your targets but also incur extra overhead costs.

The ideal solution is to implement a computerized maintenance management software for your company. This software allows you to streamline equipment repair and service sessions to improve tool performance. Maintenance management involves 4 simple steps to help you carry out seamless maintenance routines:

  • Generating a request
  • Carrying out maintenance sessions
  • Recording information
  • Reporting the results

Why Should You Implement Equipment Maintenance Record Keeping ?

Once you deploy a maintenance software for your company, you will be able to carry out these tasks effortlessly. The correct equipment repair practices involve storing all essential data for future reference. This includes details like vendor contacts, costs, and depreciation rates. Once you have all this data, you can use it to optimize your business performance in the long-run. Continue reading