Asset Tracking Software Helps You Save Time in These 4 Ways

Asset tracking software

The most important asset any business can ever have is time! If you’re organized and on top of all your deadlines, your business is going to run a lot more smoothly. Think of it this way; when you make the most out of the time available to you, you are actually making the most out of the investment you have made!

So what’s a task that takes up a lot of time for businesses? Every company spends countless hours tracking their assets by one method or the other. After all, their assets are a major part of their investment, which is why taking care of them is vital for operational efficiency. If only you could eliminate these countless hours spent tracking assets, you could actually hand your employees other revenue-generating tasks for the company, creating added value and maximizing profits. Continue reading

Bolstering The Security Of Your Business Assets Through Asset Tracking Software

Assets with Asset Tracking SoftwareMaximizing productivity for optimal asset utilization using asset tracking software

Managing businesses well is a huge challenge. Robust management includes a whole host of activities, from ensuring employees are productive, to being confident in your procurement or maintenance practices. Related to these activities is the process of asset lifecycle tracking. Most organizations fail to realize how critical asset management can be to ensure workplace efficiency. If your employees don’t have quality tools to work with, they won’t be able to complete daily tasks on time. Often, equipment breakdowns cause delays in business functions and can lead to huge repair costs. These situations can be easily avoided if you strengthen your asset and inventory management strategies using an asset tracking software.  

A variety of cloud-based solutions are available to help your business achieve its targets. In order to meet your goals, you should have the right software to plan, design and execute your asset utilization patterns. The key to solving inventory problems lies in attaining a high level of security and protection for your assets. For this, you don’t need to invest in multiple solution packages; you just need to select the right one! Continue reading

EZOfficeInventory Offers a New Unlimited Users Package

asset tracking software

EZOfficeInventory has just released a new package offering unlimited users* to its customers. This package comes with all the features our asset tracking software has to offer, enabling companies to execute end-to-end management of its equipment, from procurement to retirement.

The starting package is $150 a month for 1000 items, or a discounted annual package of $1620. After the initial thousand items, you can choose packages based on increments of 500 items. To check out the price calculator in action, have a look at our pricing page here. Continue reading

Are You Tracking These 5 Valuable Metrics with Your Equipment Tracking Software?

equipment tracking software

If you’re on top of your business equipment requirements, chances are you’re using equipment tracking software. No matter what business you are running, equipment might very well be one of your most important investments. To keep it running efficiently is of immense importance. After all, your business operations depend on it! As the saying goes, you cannot actually improve a process without measuring its performance. But the question is: What are the most crucial equipment metrics your business should be measuring right now?

Continue reading

Why Your Equipment Tracking Software Needs Work Order Management

asset tracking software

Equipment tracking software and work orders

Work Order Management is a crucial part of any good equipment tracking software. It helps you keep business processes organized and nimble. A key reason for this is its ability to creating linkages between items, workers, and locations, so that people know who has to work on which items, and where. Not only does this take way a huge administrative load away, but also promotes efficiency and accountability throughout the organization.

Even smaller scale companies can go through hundreds of tasks a week! This could be anything from ordering inventory, undertaking quality checks and item audits, and carrying out countless compliance and maintenance tasks. It can be a hassle to keep these tasks straight. People have to be notified about their jobs, equipment downtimes have to be scheduled well in advance, and coordination needs to take place across different locations and departments. An equipment tracking software can help you stay on top of these tasks and projects through the use of work orders. Below, we’ll outline 4 great reasons to use work order management within your organization! Continue reading