April 2014 Release

Selection_181This month was particularly special because of an OpenSSL bug called heartbleed, which affected a significant portion of applications on the internet. We responded immediately by moving to a completely new set of servers and upgrading to OpenSSL 1.0.1g which is not vulnerable.

Other than enhancing security, we worked on a number of popular customer requests including:

Selection_182Saving custom reports: Reports in EZOfficeInventory can be generated by selecting columns and setting up filters as per your needs using Custom Reports. Multiple preferences of these columns and filters can now also be saved. Instead of setting up a custom report every time, you can reuse a preference to save time and effort. Continue reading

Get Higher With Our New Boosters – Part 2


We dispatched a power-packed upgrade a few days ago, promising more. Here is the sequel to get you hooked on the happiness of being super-productive. With these new boosters activated, you are light-speed ahead of others.

Features released today include:

  • Bundles to optimize checkouts based on available asset characteristics
  • Transfer of asset possession from one custodian to another
  • Transfer of stock items between locations
  • Customized listing view for assets and inventory on mobile apps

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Powerful new features launched


Well folks, we did it again! You asked for it and we made it happen. We are proud to have released a truly rich and power-packed update that includes some of the most frequently requested and innovative features. You can now:

    • Customize asset listing views
    • Streamline check-in/checkouts by scanning employee ID cards on mobile
    • Manage assets and inventory through clean, separated views
    • Enable/disable the Inventory module as per business needs
    • Efficiently maintain and service assets with the new Servicing module
    • Support richer workflows for asset retirement scenarios
    • Use Packages to save time and effort with vastly enhanced functionality
  • Create awesome labels with the improved Label Designer

Let’s dive deeper into the features. Continue reading

Scan Alerts

scan alerts

Now you can configure emails to be sent when a scan is carried on an asset label. To configure these, go to the Alerts tab. The email will include detailed information on scan alerts, including where they were carried out and the IP of the scanning devices.

Note: the geo-location may not always be accurate given that the end user may block or spoof their device’s location.

Additional items making their way to the live site today:

  1. API’s  (in beta – send us an email if you need early access)
  2. Bug fixes related to daily digest
  3. Allow for Custom Attributes/Locations on check-in – dependent on mobile upgrade
  4. Group-based alert settings

Even Sandy cannot hold us back! – Equipment Tracking Software

We’re not the leading equipment tracking software for nothing! We had our developers bunkered in for Sandy, and since they couldn’t go anywhere we had a nice little hackathon!

Some of the features released today include:

  1. Ability to remove line items that may have been incorrectly added
  2. Salvage Value when retiring assets
  3. Update to UI to support IE 10

Feel free to let us know what features you’d like in the future!

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Hello Features!

We have been busy as a bee! Some of the new features you’ll experience in today’s build include:

  1. Request Reservations should take a due date.
  2. A Calendar view for Reservations of an asset
  3. All print jobs now show up in the Recently Printed column in the Print Queue page
  4. Report for Checkouts
  5. An experimental custom report builder. We need your feedback on improving this. Please use the feedback widget
  6. Ability to add comments to a checkout
  7. Ability to update locations on checkout
  8. Ability to have custom attributes updated on checkout
  9. Enabling Company contact number to be placed on the print label
  10. Customizable “from” for emails sent by EZOfficeInventory
  11. Misc Fixes and enhancements for mobile apps
  12. Close Stream Exceptions – caused when images are uploaded during asset creation