Give Your Business Assets More Life with Equipment Maintenance Software

Equipment Maintenance Software for Asset UtilizationKey management issues and how to deal with them using equipment maintenance software

Before you start off your business, you plan out the inventory required to successfully function and sustain in the coming years. Coming up with the right tool management solution for your company is as important as taking care of those tools. Just imagine that you invest a large amount of capital in your inventory which you expect to last at least 5 years. Unfortunately, due to poor equipment maintenance management practices, you end up overusing your equipment to the extent that it breaks down before its retirement. After this happens, you are forced to replace all your equipment and this cycle continues until it takes a toll on your business’s revenue and profit margins.

So how can you overcome the challenges associated with asset and equipment maintenance management? Research suggests that increased visibility allows your company to enhance infrastructure efficiency as well as performance and minimize overhead expenses. The best asset management practices tend to integrate financial and inventory functions to optimize asset lifecycles. Continue reading

How Does the Health Sector Use Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software?

hospital equipment maintenance softwareUsing Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software to Address Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare facilities struggle when connecting two different types of information – inventory management data with procedural data. It is not an easy task. With a large quantity of expensive and sensitive equipment involved, healthcare sector tends to spend a substantial amount of money on hospital equipment maintenance. The global healthcare market for asset management is predicted to expand to USD 29,603 Million by 2020. The leading causes for this growth include rising concerns for safety measures in the hospital industry.

As the number of patients increases every year, the healthcare sector is forced to find more effective mechanisms to handle hospital workflows. Major factors pushing this trend include the need for eliminating excess in costs, increased reliance on technology and improved staff productivity. To attain these objectives, the health sector prefers all-in-one cloud-based solution packages for inventory control. Continue reading

Under the Scanner: Feature Release May 2017 – Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking software

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day? This month, EZOfficeInventory is all about efficiency! We wanted you to be able to log, organize, and sync your data with the least amount of effort. Have a look at all the things you’ll now be able to do in a snap using our asset tracking software!

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Reduce Costs with Maintenance Management Software

maintenance management softwareEvery successful business owner knows that working to prevent a crisis is better than managing it. Businesses take great pains to predict and plan for future goals and challenges. However, most business owners fail to apply the same policy when it comes to managing their equipment. According to CISCO’s former CEO, 40% of businesses will not survive the next 10 years. What this means is that businesses looking to succeed must do better in every sphere – including their equipment maintenance. If your business is dependent on its equipment for day to day operations then it is important to have that equipment in order. Preventive maintenance can save businesses from unscheduled equipment breakdowns and performance hiccups. This article details the benefits of preventive maintenance and how preventive maintenance management software can help businesses execute an effective maintenance plan. Continue reading