How Does the Health Sector Use Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software?

hospital equipment maintenance softwareUsing Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software to Address Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare facilities struggle when connecting two different types of information – inventory management data with procedural data. It is not an easy task. With a large quantity of expensive and sensitive equipment involved, healthcare sector tends to spend a substantial amount of money on hospital equipment maintenance. The global healthcare market for asset management is predicted to expand to USD 29,603 Million by 2020. The leading causes for this growth include rising concerns for safety measures in the hospital industry.

As the number of patients increases every year, the healthcare sector is forced to find more effective mechanisms to handle hospital workflows. Major factors pushing this trend include the need for eliminating excess in costs, increased reliance on technology and improved staff productivity. To attain these objectives, the health sector prefers all-in-one cloud-based solution packages for inventory control. Continue reading

How Hospital Asset Management Tackles Major Industry Problems

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Did you know that around 45% of hospitals believe they do not manage their medical assets properly. In addition, the average hospital worker spends an average of 72 minutes searching for assets during each shift! Within the medical industry, unseen teams work hard behind the scenes to manage a variety of medical assets that help improve the prospects of visitors, patients and even healthcare professionals. Maximizing the reliability and efficiency of these resources happens to be a major challenge for hospitals today, but all hope is not lost!

The healthcare industry and hospital asset management

It is certainly not a stretch to think about how troublesome it is for the healthcare industry to put up with scores of expensive assets, huge amounts of consumable inventory, and a long list of expiration dates and warranties to juggle effectively. Healthcare is experiencing an influx of new asset classes every day, and of a growing variety! For example, hospitals have a huge number of small, mobile medical tools. All these tools need to be in great shape at all times because they are critical for a patient’s safety and health. According to the WHO, even hospitals with straightforward operational needs and only a handful of complicated assets need effective healthcare asset management – there simply is no alternative! Continue reading