Why Your Asset Tracking Software Needs a Mobile App (And Why Now)?

asset tracking software mobile appBusiness mobility- a mainstream trend in the market

According to Forrester Research, about 29% of the worldwide workforce is now ‘anywhere, anytime, information workers’, which is likely to use more than 3 mobile devices. Building upon this, Gartner studies show that mobile app based projects outnumbered PC based projects by the ratio of 4:1 in 2015. Such a change in the business world means a rapid increase in workforce mobility. This transition in the workforce allows businesses to offer more diverse operations. For example, the majority of businesses these days include on-site projects or out of office events.

An increase in mobility means your employees have to travel outside the office to perform their jobs. This means they will be using business assets and equipment on-the-go. While traveling, your employees need to be constantly updated about asset information. This makes workforce management a tad bit harder. A robust asset tracking system can make this task easy for your business. It becomes easier if the solution is cloud-based and supports a mobile application so it can help you work on-the-go without having to carry bulky files or laptops. You can get in control of all business workflows with just a single click anywhere, anytime. Continue reading

Dashboard Calendar in EZOfficeInventory

asset tracking softwareYou can use the Dashboard Calendar to keep track of all ongoing events, asset assignments, and upcoming reservations, and have a bird’s eye view of asset tracking and operational workflows.


  1. Quick View Counters
  2. Actions on Counters
  3. Email Alerts for Counters
  4. The Calendar View
  5. Syncing the Calendar
  6. Service Events
  7. RSS Feed
  8. In-App Updates
  9. Mobile App

Quick View Counters

The top of the dashboard displays the count of the following sections of asset management in EZOfficeInventory, explained in subsequent sections:  

– Assets which are overdue
– Assets which are due on the current date
– Reservations which start on the current date (relating to all items – Asset, Asset Stock, and Inventory) Continue reading

Under the Scanner – Feature Release November 2016

asset tracking softwareStraddling the line between fall and winter, everyone was in the Halloween spirit this week with hordes of mutants and monsters lining the streets. In this time of celebration, EZOfficeInventory treated its users by going live with its revamped Mobile App for Android and iOS. We also rolled out some productivity-boosting features and other significant enhancements to our asset tracking software. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release. Continue reading

Under the Scanner – Feature Release August 2016

asset tracking softwareAugust has kept us very busy here at EZOfficeInventory. This month, we’ve rolled out some productivity-boosting features and other significant enhancements to our asset tracking software. You can benefit from our smooth cart workflows, seamless integrations, and a revamped mobile app that lets you do so much more on the go. We’ve also made auditing and maintenance management a lot more convenient, so you can prioritize and focus on what’s important to you. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release. Continue reading

Hello Features!

We have been busy as a bee! Some of the new features you’ll experience in today’s build include:

  1. Request Reservations should take a due date.
  2. A Calendar view for Reservations of an asset
  3. All print jobs now show up in the Recently Printed column in the Print Queue page
  4. Report for Checkouts
  5. An experimental custom report builder. We need your feedback on improving this. Please use the feedback widget
  6. Ability to add comments to a checkout
  7. Ability to update locations on checkout
  8. Ability to have custom attributes updated on checkout
  9. Enabling Company contact number to be placed on the print label
  10. Customizable “from” for emails sent by EZOfficeInventory
  11. Misc Fixes and enhancements for mobile apps
  12. Close Stream Exceptions – caused when images are uploaded during asset creation