Asset Tracking Software Helps You Save Time in These 4 Ways

Asset tracking software

The most important asset any business can ever have is time! If you’re organized and on top of all your deadlines, your business is going to run a lot more smoothly. Think of it this way; when you make the most out of the time available to you, you are actually making the most out of the investment you have made!

So what’s a task that takes up a lot of time for businesses? Every company spends countless hours tracking their assets by one method or the other. After all, their assets are a major part of their investment, which is why taking care of them is vital for operational efficiency. If only you could eliminate these countless hours spent tracking assets, you could actually hand your employees other revenue-generating tasks for the company, creating added value and maximizing profits. Continue reading

Our Favorite Startup Tips and Tools For New And Aspiring Business Owners

business tips and tools

Business owners are always looking for increasingly more creative ways to become better at what they do, engage more customers, and edge out the competition. To be truly successful, they must iron out all the small details, but they also can’t neglect the big picture.

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you’re no doubt wondering about the basics, such as where to locate your offices, how many employees you’ll need to hire, and the price at which you’re going to sell your product. Amidst all these questions, though, you’ll be worrying about time, money, and all the other commitments you’ve made to your business. Continue reading

How Reservations in Asset Tracking Software Enhance Workplace Efficiency

asset tracking software

Fast paced technological advancements have revolutionized the workplace. Employees are constantly on the go; holding meetings, attending conferences and organizing events. Workforce mobility is rapidly increasing as employees are choosing to work at the place of their choice with their preferred technology. This recent trend helps increase workplace efficiency while streamlining productivity.

To take full advantage of workforce mobility, it becomes imperative that businesses prepare themselves with the best possible equipment for workplace asset management. Reservations in asset tracking software give the option of extensively managing and sharing office resources to minimize conflicts. Don’t know much about this feature? Take a look below for simple guidelines about how reservations work in asset tracking software. Continue reading

Here Are 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking software

SMBs and the need for asset tracking software

Tracking a company’s assets can help your business grow and maintain efficiency. But what is the best way of asset tracking and why should companies endorse it? A cloud based asset tracking software holds the key to asset optimization, increased productivity and effective employee management. This can allow companies to track business equipment across locations through GPS, set up QR Codes and Barcodes for inventory control, and queue maintenance on business assets. And it does all this in the most cost effective way!

Asset tracking software supersedes the traditional computerized management systems, which restrict the confines of asset optimization, inventory control and asset management. With the help of this inventory control software, companies can get a  vigorous history on the complete lifecycle of an asset. Moreover, the correct implementation of this software can eventually lead to a greater return on investment and save up funds for other uses. Now that we have established briefly how this system functions, let’s have a look at the top 5 benefits which make it unique and popular amongst companies today. Continue reading

Task Scheduling Software For Construction: What Features Matter Most?

 Task Scheduling Software

Being a leader in your construction business – the role of ensuring that the business completes projects in a timely manner and under the lowest costs possible – is a priority you cannot escape. You need to hire the top management talent in the construction industry for this to happen.

But top talent is no guarantee that projects will be completed on time. Every project needs a different approach and time management is the factor that will ensure that all projects meet the client’s deadline. You can implement a task scheduling software to help you plan project periods and schedule tasks of different workers.

Finding the right construction task scheduling software can be a hard task given the many solution providers in the market. If you know what to look for in a solution, it will be easier to pinpoint the exact software you need. Continue reading

3 Ways Asset Tracking Software Improves Employee Productivity

Asset tracking software

Asset tracking software and workplace productivity

Employee productivity always seems to be at the forefront of the business blogosphere, but in actual management circles, it can be one of the most neglected workplace aspects. Overcoming this problem is more important now than ever, especially since a 2016 report by the US Bureau of Labor indicated that employee productivity is at an all time low. To address this issue, managers should branch out and address inefficiencies in areas of business that have been neglected as far as productivity is concerned. These left-field antidotes to low productivity could include, for example, ensuring your employees have the tools they require to get their job done, or guaranteeing downtimes don’t affect their ability to carry out their tasks. This is where asset tracking software steps in.

Any equipment tracking software worth its salt should help employees manage business assets effectively. But that’s not all! Solutions such as these can enable your workforce to save time, cut losses, and streamline workflows, all with no extra effort. Below, we’ll outline three major ways asset tracking software can bolster employee productivity. Continue reading

Client Project Tracking for Productivity

productivitySome will argue that tracking the time on jobs and projects is not the road to productivity, that the very act of tracking time uses up precious time, that it’s a form of micromanagement, or that it’s simply not useful information. But I think that if it’s done right, keeping track of what we do and how much time we spend on it can be motivating and provide some much needed direction. Continue reading

Service and Maintenance with EZOfficeInventory

Service & Maintenance

We’ve worked with organizations where high-end equipment is employed for daily operations. Having a fused light or a ripped belt drive hurts their business. More importantly, these hiccups affect their reliability and efficiency. This blog post explains how the Basic Service and Maintenance feature in EZOfficeInventory can be used to keep your equipment in the best shape.

For Advanced Services and Maintenance (including Recurring Services and Service Triage, which can be enabled from Settings → Add Ons), click here.

Continue reading

Difference between Bundles and Packages

Bundles and Packages are advanced features that enable checking out multiple assets with a single action. Packages are best described as assets that are clamped together such that they are always checked out and checked in together. While Bundles are a grouping of assets that are likely to be checked out for a certain activity. Continue reading