Item Reservations in EZOfficeInventory


Reservations are now considerably richer and more robust EZOfficeInventory. With support for new workflows and insights, make clash-free and conflict-free reservations by easily resolving potential scheduling clashes. In addition to this, reserve a certain quantity of inventory stock items at a particular location and date.

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Powerful new features launched


Well folks, we did it again! You asked for it and we made it happen. We are proud to have released a truly rich and power-packed update that includes some of the most frequently requested and innovative features. You can now:

    • Customize asset listing views
    • Streamline check-in/checkouts by scanning employee ID cards on mobile
    • Manage assets and inventory through clean, separated views
    • Enable/disable the Inventory module as per business needs
    • Efficiently maintain and service assets with the new Servicing module
    • Support richer workflows for asset retirement scenarios
    • Use Packages to save time and effort with vastly enhanced functionality
  • Create awesome labels with the improved Label Designer

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Bulk label scanning feature released, productivity boost alert!

Note: This post details an older version of our mobile app. To see the new mobile app in action, click here.

Think of it as a holidays gift from us, fall 2013 has been all about giving customers the features that they most desire. The ability to scan a number asset labels through a mobile device and then take actions on them in a single go was a much requested feature. We realized the time and effort reducing potential of this feature and are excited to announce its release.

Imagine checking out a camera, a tripod and a lens by simply scanning their labels and then selecting checkout on your favourite mobile device. No need to launch a browser, look up the assets one by one and then check them out sequentially! You can scan up to 25 items in a go and can be a mix of barcodes and QR codes. In the figure below, the user has already added 2 items into the scanning ‘shopping cart’. Continue reading

Harness the Power of Dropbox with EZOfficeInventory

Harness the power of Dropbox Integration with EZOfficeInventory

Centralizing Data Management with Dropbox

You can take automatic, periodic backups of your data using EZOfficeInventory’s Dropbox Integration. This allows you to seamlessly deposit backup copies of your data to a Dropbox account of your choice. You can also export default and custom reports to Dropbox, to share data among your employees more conveniently.

Here’s a quick guide for this integration.

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Reminder Alerts

reminder alertsCertain types of assets need timely maintenance or reminders for follow-ups e.g. speed-guns requiring calibration (or maybe not if you’re looking to get away with that ticket!), heavy machinery maintenance and electronic part replacements, etc. If you’re tracking such assets on EZOfficeInventory, you can now add a reminder alert by:

Assets –> Custom Attributes –> Add Custom Attribute –> Date Field (alert). Here, check ‘send email alert’.

The asset(s) with this custom attribute will send an email on that day to all administrators on the account. To stop receiving such alerts, an administrator may update their preference by going to the Alerts tab.

Email Reply


EZOfficeInventory can be configured to send emails on nearly any event that takes place e.g. Check Out, Check In, Scan of an Asset Label, Reservation Request etc.

Sometimes employees or clients may want to respond to such an email with an inquiry, unfortunately all such replies have historically gone into the digital bucket. The good news is that we’ve just released a feature that allows for setting the reply-to email for all system generated emails so you can ensure any email based inquiry is not lost. To set it up go to the Settings page (must be account owner) and configure the reply-to field.

Tracking Scans of Labels

Now you can run reports on who has been scanning your assets labels. We’ve also improved the ability to customize the labels and now allow for font selection and alignments. Some of the new features in this release include:

  • Show last audited date to staff user
  • Report on Asset Label scans
  • Lock account if brute force password attack is detected
  • Privacy Link on Login Page
  • Send Digest emails only if data items present for email
  • Enhanced formatting for print print labels