Benefits of Collaborating with Vendors Using Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking softwareThe best strategy for a business to obtain a greater return on investment (ROI) is to manage its affairs to create workflow efficiencies and economies of scale. Most businesses often fail to realize that their vendors (a.k.a suppliers) play a critical role towards their success in the market and ultimately profit maximization.

Inadequate vendor management practices can hinder your work routines by slowing down productivity and creating inefficiencies. For instance, a business does not possess a uniform record about the types of assets purchased from different vendors. Trying to find a solution to this situation will lead to wastage of resources. Vendor management through manual spreadsheet records does not suffice to business needs of today, as it lacks accessibility and automation. Whereas, in contrast, a cloud based management system offers your business supercharged features to tackle suppliers the right way. Continue reading

Managing Purchase Orders with EZOfficeInventory

Procurement and Vendor Management

How will Purchase Orders help my business?

You can use EZOfficeInventory to create and keep track of Purchase Orders, helping you easily define the types, quantities, and agreed prices for items you need. The Procurement Module ensures that orders are processed quickly by creating linkages between items and vendors.

Moreover, now enjoy greater control over your dealings with suppliers, print invoices to send on to vendors or keep for yourself, and watch items be updated as soon as they’re read as received on the system, without the need for any action on your side!

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