Reserving Assets on behalf of Staff Users

In our latest release, we have addressed a much requested feature that will allow administrators to reserve assets on behalf of other members (staff users). How does it work?

1. Create Reservation Request

The Request Reservation form now contains a new field, Reservation For. Here you can select a member for whom you want to create a reservation request.

Reserve for

This reservation request, will appear under the Reservations tab for administrators to review and take actions on. Please note that, this new feature is only accessible to Administrators. Staff users can still only request a reservation for themselves.

2. How do I track this in Reports?

You can see who created a reservation request under Created by in Reservations report

Reservations report

Reservation request for HP Pro 4320 was created by Amy Stuart on behalf of Hurin Elrond. Stuart could then proceed to approve this reservation request.

Have suggestions?

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Reservation Requests

We now have a newer blog post, explaining this feature.  


We regularly receive feedback for ‘Reservation Request’ and it has helped us tremendously in building a better feature. As a background to how the Reservation Request feature came about, we initially had two different models for checking out an asset.

  • One for arbitrated companies.
  • One for non-arbitrated companies.

The former had reservation requests i.e. administrators had to arbitrate while for non-arbitrated companies, there was just the simple checkout. During one brainstorming session, we had an ‘aha’ moment and decided that the non-arbitrated companies should also support the same reservation request. We decided to add a start and end date to the reservation request as well.

As of today, the date part of request reservation is still not on solid ground as we don’t enforce any logic around it. The administrator is currently expected to review the dates and then approve the reservation, as there is no system check if the date of reservation has any relation to the current day.

To sum up, we’ve added the following features recently:

  1. Ability to restrict a single pending reservation per asset. This ensures multiple individuals cannot have a pending request on the same asset.
  2. Ability to restrict a user to have at most one request per asset.

To be added shortly:

  1. Ability to restrict a reservation based on the date/time i.e. enforce that a conflict does not exist between multiple reservations.
  2. Enforce reservation date by denying approvals that have a start date in the future.