How School Tracking Software Helps Manage Equipment Across School Districts

school asset management software

Education is a massive industry, faced with massive challenges. Students have to be taught with the curriculum strongly in mind, and learning activities and teaching practices have to be coordinated across school districts. In addition to all this comes the challenge of managing a large number of educational assets!

Huge waves of resources are hitting the doors of schools every day, but how do these institutions keep up with the equipment needs of all their students and teachers? It only gets more complicated when you throw in all the textbooks, tablets, science gear, sports equipment, projectors and many other items spread across school districts. Whether it’s equipment for labs or gyms, or learning aids to help bring students up to speed with the syllabus more effectively, schools can often have thousands of dollars worth of equipment in their inventory. Continue reading

School Inventory Management Software Makes Teachers’ Lives Easier

School inventory management software

Why changes in school expenditures call for inventory control

With the latest innovations in technology, it is hard to imagine working with an antiquated system. Unfortunately, one of the sectors that has lagged behind in the tech department is the education industry. Schools have an extensive range of assets in their inventory which are certainly valuable and often times irreplaceable; especially in the short run, as they might lead to blockages in education workflows. According to the U.S Education IT Spending Guide, higher education institutes spent an estimated $6.6 million dollars on IT in 2015 alone. It was also forecast that school spending on tablets and readers is bound to increase by 8% in a few years.

So, what does this research say about the future of a school’s inventory needs? It is quite evident that students will be using a large number of portable devices, as well as other costly items that they will have to organize, distribute, and safeguard. If these assets are not tracked in the correct manner, schools will face a tough audit season, and higher overheads than their restricted budgets will allow them to meet! Continue reading

Here’s How School Districts Cut Costs Using School Asset Management Software

school asset management softwareThe need for school asset management software

The education industry bears enormous losses each year through damaged or misplaced assets. This risk is magnified if the educational institutes lack a proper school asset management system to overcome such challenges. A study by Quality Education Data shows that lost or damaged items cost schools nearly a quarter of a million dollars each year which includes $80,000 for technology malfunctions alone. The research further revealed that manual tracking of assets is one of the main reasons why schools suffer from such losses. It gets worse when school districts use multiple systems for tracking rather than a single solution.

The absence of a robust inventory control system makes it difficult for schools to manage assets within their budgets. Often times, a poor asset tracking system means that teachers and students remain deprived of the resources they need to meet the minimum standard of education. While trying to deal with such issues, a majority of schools end up deploying more inventory instead of tackling with the root cause of the problem. What the schools really need is a cloud-based solution that can centralize management of resources more effectively. That’s where asset tracking software for the education sector comes in! Continue reading