EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes November 2020

TheEZOfficeInventory team launched some exciting new features and enhancements in the past months. We have upgraded the Custom Reports features and also introduced customization for the Navigation menu. The Zendesk Integration has two feature upgrades for streamlined service management. Read the complete the complete November Release Notes 2020 to learn more:

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[How-to] Configure Zendesk ServiceDesk Alerts in EZOfficeInventory

zendesk servicedesk alerts

As an admin manager if you would like to generate tickets within Zendesk, you can do so directly from EZOfficeInventory’s new ServiceDesk Alerts feature. Using this feature you can track and act on issues by delegating them to employees in your admin team. Doing so enables you to escalate issues quickly and follow up on them for streamlined management and efficiency.

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Data Driven Analysis: How to Use a Tracking Software to Achieve Business Key Performance Indicators?

Data driven analysis is based on using business information to take informed decisions about growth strategies. This measured approach relies on evidence rather than expertise or trends in the market. Being based on factual information, data driven practices have a higher chance of success. However, the key is to utilize the correct form of data to drive better business performance. 

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4 Actionable Tips for Business Fraud Management with Asset Tracking Software

fraud management

According to PwC’s crime and survey report 2020, companies reported 6 incidents of fraud on average with $42 Billion worth of losses. This amount was compensated from the company’s bottom line with low chances of recovery. Fraud losses are complex and can not always be broken down into financial terms. For this reason, it becomes extremely crucial to develop a fraud management policy to address loopholes in the existing security measures.  

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Protect Your Business: How Asset Tracking Software Can Help Establish a Strong Emergency Response Plan

emergency response plan

Have you secured your business against natural or man made disasters? Businesses cannot forecast disasters, but it is important to have a robust emergency plan in place so you can protect your employees, business assets, and information. This is also crucial for business continuity both during and after the crisis. 

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Back to School with Remote Learners? Incorporate School Asset Management Software to Streamline Classes

school asset management

Over the past few months, schools across the world  have rapidly adopted remote teaching to ensure that student learning is not affected by the pandemic. A Gallup survey conducted earlier this year found that children learning remotely through a school-sponsored online distance learning program grew from 65% to 83%. 

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