EZOfficeInventory Named Leader in Three Categories by G2 Summer 2021 Reports

g2 summer 2021 reports

We are extremely excited to announce that EZOfficeInventory has earned multiple honors and badges in the G2 Summer 2021 Reports. G2 is a trusted and leading source of information in the software and services space. These awards and badges are based on product reviews shared by G2 users as well as data collected from online sources and social networks.

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5 Useful Tips on Implementing Barcode Scanning To Improve Efficiency at Your Small Business

barcode scanning

Barcodes are one of the most widely used asset labels across the globe. With constant growth over the past years, the global 2D barcode reader market size is expected to reach $11.06 billion by 2028, growing at a rate of 6.7% from 2021 to 2028,  according to a recent research report.  Barcode labels have a diverse range of applications and are commonly used across a broad spectrum of industries by businesses of varying sizes, including small businesses. 

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Asset Management Trends: Key Aspects to Focus on in 2021

asset management trends

The Asset management landscape has been evolving rapidly amidst digital transformation over the past decade – and a global pandemic for the past year. 2020 saw an increased inclination towards emerging digital transformation trends in asset management.  A cloud-based tracking solution can help organizations significantly improve asset management rate of returns, save money, and improve overall business efficiency. 

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