Keep Reports Short: Focus on these KPIs

Keep Reports Short

I once worked with a graphic designer who adamantly believed – and regularly reminded others – that “If everything’s bold, nothing’s bold.” It’s true. Bold, italics, underlining … special formatting is designed to draw attention to, well, special information. Apply the same principle to your reporting.

When it comes to reports, remember the age-old acronym “KISS”:





Okay, I may have taken some liberties there, but you get the point. Clear and concise is best, for both the recipients’ sake and yours. Don’t get lost in the details. Your position may require you to know a large amount of data, but that doesn’t mean everyone else needs to know it. In fact, if everyone else knew all of the information you do, why would they need you? Instead, boil down what you know – and what they need to know – to the few things that truly make an impact on improving your business.

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The Easy Way To Set Up Dental Asset Management

Dental asset management

What are the challenges of dental asset management?

The dental industry is a prominent part of the healthcare sector and is also one of the highest paying employment opportunities. In light of expected future growth, both private and public dental centers are building up their practice by introducing innovative operational services.

To back up these ambitions, you need to invest in the latest machines and assets. Dental equipment comprises of more than just the technologies used to treat patients. It also includes utility systems to provide power, disinfection utensils to meet control protocols, and other small portable tools. Continue reading

Retail Inventory Management: Don’t Write Off Its Critical Importance

Inventory Management Best Practices

Inventory Management and Your Business

Inventory management is one of the most challenging aspects of running a retail business. As companies grow, their needs expand and their product line increases. This follows a corresponding increase in suppliers, warehouse workers, and storage space.

At the same time, unpredictable outside forces like economic fluctuations and changing trends are constantly impacting customer behaviors. This is why studying consumer needs keeps becoming more complex. Continue reading

EZOfficeInventory November 2018 Release Notes

This November, we updated our Zendesk integration, revamped the Work Orders module, and added functionality to custom fields to enhance your experience with EZOfficeInventory. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Zendesk Improvements:

You can now choose the kind of item identification to use for your Zendesk tickets, and customize the attributes displayed for an item on Zendesk. These additions help companies personalize their service desk experience and process tickets swiftly. Continue reading

Best Practices for Using a Perpetual Inventory System

perpetual inventory system

What is a perpetual inventory system?

Companies using a perpetual inventory system track both the cost of goods sold and tools and equipment present in their itinerary. This practice is carried out to verify inventory balances in real-time. Doing this provides the accounting department with access to accurate inventory stock at all times. Generally, a perpetual inventory system revolves around the following:

  • Received inventory goods
  • Sold out inventory stock
  • Items relocated within the warehouse
  • Goods picked up from inventory for the production process
  • Scrapped goods

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Five Tips for a Fixed Asset Manager

fixed asset manager

Fixed assets: Introduction, classification and uses  

Fixed assets are acquired for the purpose of helping with business processes that ultimately generate income for a company. They are purchased for the long-term and not for the purpose of resale. They have a useful life greater than one reporting period and are extremely vital for all companies that house them. A fixed asset manager works towards managing this critical company investment in order to maximize ROIs and lower losses for their company.  Continue reading

Facing These 5 Asset Tracking Problems? Here’s How to Fix Them.

asset tracking problems

Tackle your asset tracking problems the right way

Companies acquire a range of assets to augment their value and income. While these aim to facilitate business operations, their excessive quantity means that companies are constantly losing them. They contend with several asset tracking problems regularly and end up pulling down their productivity. Continue reading

Whitepaper: Executing Construction Asset Tracking Workflows

Construction Asset Tracking

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This whitepaper will talk about the challenges faced by the construction industry, and how construction asset tracking software features can help you overcome them. We will also outline some common construction workflows used by EZOfficeInventory customers to optimize construction asset management and increase their ROIs. Continue reading

The EZOfficeInventory Print Labels Knowledge Base

Print Label Knowledge BaseImportance of Print Labels

The labels you choose for your product can reflect a lot of important information. It is therefore essential to make sure your labels are clear and direct. When trying to organize assets, a seemingly obvious step would be to have them labeled clearly. Simple and easily understood labels are a great way to make sure you’re setting off on the right foot with asset tracking.

1. Designing Print Labels

EZOfficeInventory enables you to create and edit labels using the Label Designer. To access this, go to either Settings → Print Label Tab OR More → Printout Templates.

Here, under the ‘Label’ tab, you can add, edit or delete templates for the following Print label types:

  • Items
  • Bundles

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