5 Ways CMMS Helps You Reduce Maintenance Costs

cmmsFrom managing maintenance and service requests at a medium-sized 50 unit apartment building to keeping track of ongoing equipment maintenance at a large construction site, equipment maintenance software, commonly known as a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) can be a very helpful tool.

When choosing CMMS, businesses look for preventive maintenance, seamless equipment management, solid asset assignments, insightful maintenance reports, and above all foolproof ways to reduce maintenance costs.

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Did you know? As per Statista survey, in 2009, the revenue of machinery maintenance & heavy equipment repair services in the U.S. ranged at around 29 billion U.S. dollars.

Benefits of using CMMS

CMMS compliant equipment management software is capable of managing multiple departments or facilities. Along with driving work efficiencies, CMMS also monitors, organizes, documents and analyzes equipment maintenance operations providing the following key benefits:

  • Improves equipment efficiency while reducing costs of inventory by managing tools, supplies, service contracts, and warranties.
  • Keeps business strong and viable for producing quality equipment year after year.
  • Provides efficient scheduling and workload balancing of maintenance tasks.
  • Optimizes the life of assets while providing data for equipment investment decisions.
  • Creates, tracks, and archives maintenance and service records, and costs continually documenting operations as required by regulatory agencies i.e. FDA or OSHA.
  • Using past data or insights to make cost-effective and smarter solutions.
  • Seamless integration with third-party service management apps e.g. Zendesk

CMMS Reduce Maintenance Costs

Ways to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Now let’s talk about how a CMMS enabled Equipment Management Software helps you reduce maintenance costs …

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1. FoolProof Preventive Maintenance Management

If you are waiting for items to wear out, the situation will be, spending more money in settling the issue instead of implementing preventive maintenance. It is the scourge of the “why repair something that it isn’t broken?” People, for the most part, consider the underlying expense instead of long haul advantages of utilizing a CMMS.

Say, a staff member doesn’t use a CMMS to keep a regular check on an HVAC unit against corrosion, there is a chance that unit could break suddenly. This can cause you higher repair cost as compared to the minimal cost if a proper equipment maintenance plan was in place.

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Preventive maintenance software helps you stock inventory smarter and track equipment better. It stores data on items that may include:

  • Documents and Images related to the part of an equipment or asset. 
  • Serial Number of the part. Enter additional data with custom fields. 
  • Vendor details. 
  • Associated asset or equipment. 
  • Stock quantity threshold (or the minimum amount of the part you need in inventory). 
  • Different states i.e. available, checked out, audited, checked in, under maintenance, retired, etc.

asset lifecycle

With better command on preventive maintenance tasks, you can reduce equipment downtime and increase the uptime. According to one study, downtime costs can be up to $22,000/minute – you better keep on top of preventing asset unexpected breakages. You should prioritize and automate maintenance tasks in your organization as they are critical to a business’ success. Implementing CMMS helps in preserving assets, ensuring they have the maximum life expectancy and keeping things running in optimum condition while still saving time and money.

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2. Track Recurring Service and Maintenance Costs

Preventive maintenance software enables you to analyze your cost data, not just keeping logs of it. CMMS software enables businesses to manage maintenance operations that help in keeping them viable and strong for producing quality goods and services every year. This improves the service quality, quicker response times and better collaboration.

With equipment maintenance software, you can set recurring services on items associated with a group, defining how often you want services to repeat, and establishing start and end dates for effortless maintenance management. That said, you can also set your account to automatically send assets into maintenance after an item is checked in. This will ensure that equipment is always in the best state before it is checked out again.

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Tracking recurring service and maintenance costs enables you to make strategic, cost-cutting decisions. Say, if a particular division in your company is going through spare parts quicker than it should, then you’ll need to investigate that i.e. ensure that staff members are putting equipment into maintenance carefully at regular intervals and using the resources provided appropriately.

Efficient CMMS solutions help facilities managers save time and money while keeping the maintenance operations going smoothly. It enables you to create calendar-based work orders automatically while taking care of recurring tasks, such as battery replacements or periodic machine lubrication. Work order management can be automated on the basis of machine part’s condition. For example, preventive maintenance software can generate vehicle work orders automatically at specified mileage intervals. This can be very useful for those into manufacturing and construction sectors.

3. Improve Inventory Control Management

Having your maintenance team waiting on parts to arrive is frustrating and time-consuming. When there are delays in work orders on a regular basis and all due non-availability of inventory and parts on order. If these are the problems that you face consistently, then it’s time to start looking for a CMMS solution. Mostly, every computerized maintenance management software comes with inventory control and management tools that allow maintenance managers to ensure that critical parts are available whenever required.

With a CMMS in place, businesses have more control over their inventory and spare parts, making inventory management smarter. Inventory management software can do the following: 

  • Set min and max quantity thresholds.
  • Send email alerts on low inventory levels. 
  • Provide detailed information on vendors and parts costs. 
  • Generate purchase orders when required. 
  • Track insights on parts usage and costs. 
  • Reduce theft scenarios.

When tracking items and parts from one location with related information like inventory ID, work order category, equipment model, and vendor, you’ll be able to understand inventory across the organization faster. This eliminates redundancy in purchasing parts and equipment. An inventory management software helps businesses move parts between locations, prevent them from running overstock or understock by setting stock quantity thresholds. It makes it easier for managers to keep checks on equipment and inventory records, and avoid missing expensive equipment.

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4. Keep a close eye on staff members

Without preventive maintenance software, it’s difficult to measure employee performance regularly. Till day, most of the companies assign paper work orders to staff members and put them away when finished. When this happens, task records are not tracked and filed properly. No way to figure out who was assigned for which work order, how well they performed it, and how long it took to finish. This causes inefficiency in equipment maintenance and hard to reward smart people based on their performance or motivate staff members who had trouble finishing work orders. Some staff members may even use inefficient ways to waste resources and time on work orders, leading to a reduced life span of assets, trigger injuries at work, or inconsistent quality work.

Without the hassle of skimming through numerous files and spreadsheets, follow up with your team. Ask for asset audit or verify possession – know whether they have completed their asset assignments or not. Filter out completed and pending work orders with the help of using an equipment management software. Keep track of key metrics with user-friendly graphs and insights that help you scale productivity, overtime, costs incurred, date of service completion – all this and more can be tracked under maintenance history, and proper actions can be taken for problematic areas.

A preventive maintenance solution enables you to distribute the right tools for maintenance best methods across your entire organization. Templates for preventive maintenance and repair procedures can be standardized using detailed work order management. You can also configure access control settings across the organization to limit staff members from using resources inefficiently and let the managers handle the maintenance procedures.

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5. Vendor Selection for Repair and Maintenance

CMMS can be used to get insights on what you’ve purchased from where or should we call it from which vendor and how often you purchase orders from that particular vendor. Say, have you placed orders of the same part multiple times from the same vendor? If yes, then you have the hint right there that there’s some issue with the quality the current vendor is providing you. Time to hit another store to go shopping for parts.

An equipment maintenance software helps you generate reports on vendors and the costs spent on the purchase orders. These reports can then be analyzed for efficient maintenance management and scheduling, which is just one of the many benefits you get using a CMMS solution.

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The following shows the revenue of 26.7 billion U.S. dollars gained from the hardware maintenance and support segment between the years 2005 and 2015. Some of the prominent services include client computing hardware and document management hardware services.

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In 2015, hydropower plants in U.S. had fixed operation and maintenance costs of about 15.15 U.S. dollars per kilowatt per year and the average expenses for the maintenance of fossil steam plants totaled 3.99 mills per kilowatt hour in 2010.

Businesses can no longer afford to take their maintenance teams as reactive teams that fix things when it seems important. The idea is to work smarter and harder. Implementing CMMS that helps in organizing maintenance schedules, managing assets and inventory control, tracking equipment parts, and prioritizing work orders is the best solution your business can choose this year. Spend time and money on delegating more important tasks than fixing things at double the price.

Unlike traditional software that requires you to download and install updates, cloud based CMMS updates automatically. Each time you log into CMMS software, you’re always using the latest and greatest version.

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