Run Seamless Purchase Orders with Feedback System in Purchase Request Approval

PO feedback

To enable a more streamlined purchase order process, EZOfficeInventory has introduced the feedback system. Whenever a faulty purchase request is received by an admin, they do not have to reject it right away. Instead the admin can add comments and re send the purchase request (PR) to the requester. This way the requester can edit the request and send it for approval again. 

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Boost Efficiency By Tracking Work Order Costs with EZOfficeInventory

work order costs

Running multiple business Work Orders efficiently requires accurately tracking the associated costs. Given the diverse kinds of Work Orders created at organizations, tracking the cost associated can be time-consuming and also prone to errors. To eliminate such inefficiencies, EZOfficeInventory has launched a new feature to automate the calculation of Work Order Costs. Let’s talk in more detail about how to implement this feature: 

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Enable Mass Check-In/Partial Return of Asset Stock Through the EZOfficeInventory Mobile App

mass asset scan

In order to facilitate companies that checkin and checkout items in bulk, EZOfficeInventory has introduced mass asset scan actions through its mobile app. This feature streamlines business processes by eliminating the need to go through checkins time and again for multiple items of the same asset stock. Users can now even partially return asset stock to keep their records updated at all times. 

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