Back to School with Remote Learners? Incorporate School Asset Management Software to Streamline Classes

school asset management

Over the past few months, schools across the world  have rapidly adopted remote teaching to ensure that student learning is not affected by the pandemic. A Gallup survey conducted earlier this year found that children learning remotely through a school-sponsored online distance learning program grew from 65% to 83%. 

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4 Ways Robust Asset Tagging can Help Your Small Business Grow Fast

asset tagging

Running a successful small business in a rapidly changing market requires agility and optimized operations.  One of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses is maintaining a balance between quality and growth, especially as they scale. As small firms grow, limited resources and an increasing inventory count can lead to mismanagement of assets which can snowball into much bigger problems.

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Public Works Software: Learn How to Adopt Cost Effective Asset Management Strategies

public works software

The public works sector is one the largest industries worldwide – spanning  roads, railways, airports to telecommunications and more. The latest research by Mckinsey shows that the world total for public works will expand to $3.3 trillion. With hundreds of new projects underway, one of the key challenges faced by the public works sector is managing equipment and budgets.

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Digital Fitness: How Sports Equipment Asset Management Can Facilitate Online Training Sessions

sports equipment asset management

Online fitness and wellness classes is a rapidly growing trend which is all the more relevant in the current climate of social distancing.  Gyms and fitness centres are increasingly adapting to the age of digital fitness so people can work out from their homes with the help of virtual trainers. While many have been swift to adopt the change, others need more time and resources to make the transition. 

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