How to Utilize Alerts in Asset Tracking Software for Better Team Collaboration

asset tracking softwareEmail Alerts and Asset Tracking Software

Asset and Inventory Management is the heart of every business and centralizing it across multiple departments in an organization is the key towards maintaining the whole business cycle upbeat. An important part of this cycle is to stay up-to-date with all the business activities, run a smoother team communication belonging to different departments. Email alerts have always been the most prominent source of communication. About 43 percent of the respondents in a survey stated that they subscribed to company e-mails so they could keep up-to-date with all the activities.

But what makes these alerts helpful in asset management? Saving capital, time and cost are the main benefits of centralized asset management, but there are multiple ways a business can earn more benefits and higher ROI. We’ll focus on the way where alerts can be utilized for better asset management! Continue reading

Customizing Email Templates

Would you like all EZOfficeInventory alerts and emails to include more detail about your company? Maybe you’d like your internal communications to have more of a personal flair, or want to direct employees to the next steps related to a particular event. To this end, you can create custom email templates to tweak your email-based communication with your staff. These templates can be used for actions that generate emails.

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New Features in August

We have released some new features based on the recent feedback that we received from our customers. Here is a quick rundown on what they are.


TIME ZONES – EZOfficeInvetory now supports setting up time zones. You can define a time zone for your company. If you’ve a large team, spread around different time zones, individual users can pick their local time zones. To set a timezone for everyone, have a look at Settings -> Company Profile. To set time-zones at individual user level, have a look at member profiles. Continue reading

Reminder Alerts

reminder alertsCertain types of assets need timely maintenance or reminders for follow-ups e.g. speed-guns requiring calibration (or maybe not if you’re looking to get away with that ticket!), heavy machinery maintenance and electronic part replacements, etc. If you’re tracking such assets on EZOfficeInventory, you can now add a reminder alert by:

Assets –> Custom Attributes –> Add Custom Attribute –> Date Field (alert). Here, check ‘send email alert’.

The asset(s) with this custom attribute will send an email on that day to all administrators on the account. To stop receiving such alerts, an administrator may update their preference by going to the Alerts tab.