The Beginner’s Guide to Barcode Management Software

barcode asset management software

If you’ve shopped for groceries, you’re familiar with product Barcodes. Every one of us has had one interaction or another with these monochromatic labels, but we really don’t pay them much attention. Barcode technology is widely used by businesses today, helping companies keep track of all their assets. Whether you are running a small business or a large multinational conglomerate, Barcode management software has a vital role to play in efficient and effective business operations.

What’s in a Barcode, Anyway?

A Barcode may look like unintelligible lines and numbers, but it is so much more than that! Barcode patterns store information about products that are then read by an optical scanning device called a Barcode scanner. This simple process lets your organization track stock levels, prices, and product specifications. Barcode scanning can therefore escalate efficiency and productivity by enabling you to manage items from a central location. Continue reading

Bolstering The Security Of Your Business Assets Through Asset Tracking Software

Assets with Asset Tracking SoftwareMaximizing productivity for optimal asset utilization using asset tracking software

Managing businesses well is a huge challenge. Robust management includes a whole host of activities, from ensuring employees are productive, to being confident in your procurement or maintenance practices. Related to these activities is the process of asset lifecycle tracking. Most organizations fail to realize how critical asset management can be to ensure workplace efficiency. If your employees don’t have quality tools to work with, they won’t be able to complete daily tasks on time. Often, equipment breakdowns cause delays in business functions and can lead to huge repair costs. These situations can be easily avoided if you strengthen your asset and inventory management strategies using an asset tracking software.  

A variety of cloud-based solutions are available to help your business achieve its targets. In order to meet your goals, you should have the right software to plan, design and execute your asset utilization patterns. The key to solving inventory problems lies in attaining a high level of security and protection for your assets. For this, you don’t need to invest in multiple solution packages; you just need to select the right one! Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Barcode Inventory Management Tool

barcode inventory management questionsImportance of barcode inventory management for your business

Are your operations suffering because of lack of data accountability or organization? Are you having issues with delayed or no shipments? Is it that your customers don’t receive the right product on time? Yes? Then you are probably in dire need of a better solution for managing your inventory. Choosing a software that works well with your business needs isn’t an easy task. Better not take it lightly. Remember that a software that works for someone else’s business may not work for your business.

Barcode inventory management software is a handy tool to get a clearer and bigger picture of even the largest numbers on your balance sheet. You will be able to exercise better labor control, have more visibility of the things your business owns, have a clearer sight of your inventory and pump up your efficiency and accuracy levels with barcoding.

So how do you choose the best barcode tracking software for your organization? You will have to investigate into your business goals and needs in order to find just the product your business wants. We have garnered five questions that will be instrumental in helping you make the right decision for your business. Continue reading

Why Barcode Asset Tracking Will Never Go out of Style

barcode asset tracking systemBarcode asset tracking – trends and future predictions

From the time of their invention in 1970’s, barcodes have evolved rapidly and taken over production processes. Today, almost every product in the market comes with a set of barcode label printed on it. This label helps in faster checkouts, simple and accurate record keeping and streamlined inventory control for retailers. The latest innovations in tracking technology include 2D barcode labels. As compared to 1D, 2D labels tend to store more information, which is a huge jump from 85 characters to 7000 characters. This enables companies to store detailed information regarding products all at one place. By doing this, organizations save themselves the hassle of accessing different forums for data records about a single product.  

Barcode tracking has had a positive impact on the healthcare, education as well as the manufacturing sector. Users get a sense of control when they can look up additional information just by scanning the barcode with their smartphones or handheld scanners. This gives way to an improved experience which eliminates inefficiencies and raises productivity across all departments. Research suggests that the barcode tracking system will develop a much faster scanning system with the addition of an image scan as well! With all these high-tech innovations being integrated within the simple barcode, it is obvious that its use is bound to increase over the coming years. Continue reading